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How to Get More Business From the People You Know

by Debbie De Grote, Owner and Founder of Excelleum Coaching and Consulting

Isn’t it great to get that “come list me” call from one of your past clients, or the direct referral from your sphere?

It’s kind of the reward for all of your hard work and dedication, isn’t it?

As a coach and consultant, I have the opportunity to see thousands of real estate agents across the country every year. Most of them tell me that most of their business comes from people they know.

However, they usually very quickly add the comment, “But I don’t work them as I should, and I really would like to get more deals from them than I do.”

I wonder if this applies to you too?

The great news is they like you and they like working with you. With just a bit more effort you can drop a web of connections over them to stay top of mind.

As you plan your marketing materials and methods to connect keep in mind that today’s consumer is very savvy. To grab their attention and stay top of mind as their agent of choice you need to enter the conversations that are going on in their mind:

“Should I move up or stay and remodel my current home?”

“Is now a good time to buy my first home?”

“Should I downsize and how can I do it without ending up homeless?”

“What are the best investment opportunities for me?”

When you provide valuable information and helpful resources through your web of connection you will also feel better prospecting to stay in touch.

Let me explain what I mean about a web of connections:

*Step 1:  Get them into a good CRM to make it easy to follow up, keep notes and run your marketing campaigns.

*Step 2:  Direct mail is still alive and well and they should get something from you at least quarterly, monthly if budget permits.  

*Step 3:  Email is free, and you can send them something every week if it’s interesting and an item of value, a minimum goal should be at least monthly.  Even though it’s common that only 20-30% will open your email, it’s still worth doing!

*Step 4:  Text them quarterly you will find most will respond.

*Step 5:  Invite them to an event or client appreciation party annually.

*Step 6:  Call them at least quarterly and update them on the condition of the market.

*Step 7:  You could create a custom group and target them on your online ads.

*Step 8:  Connect with them on their social media.

This multi-prong web of connections helps them remember that you are active in the business and that you appreciate them.  Be sure they understand all of the markets and price points that you service, and that you are never too busy to help another great family!

When they ask you how is the market, here’s a great script to open up the conversation:

“Thank you for asking, actually it’s a very opportunistic market, there are great opportunities for buyers and still strong opportunities for sellers, I’m curious is there an opportunity you have question about?”

As you are out and about in your community remember to capture the contact information of all the new people you meet and opt them into your communication loop.  Once they are in your marketing funnel and you drop your web of great connections over them, you nurture a relationship that will become your leads of the future!

About the Contributor

Debbie De Grote is the owner and founder of Excelleum coaching and consulting; ranked by Inc. 5,000 for last two consecutive years as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. She is also an author, a keynote speaker and a preferred coach to many large companies and brands.

To download some of my scripts for calling your database go to:http://powerpersuasionscripts.com/