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Is This Your Year To Fire Up A Reinvention?

by Debra Trappen

Does the word reinvention fire you up?

Have you been feeling the need to really shake things up in your life or business? Is there something you have been thinking about learning? Maybe you have been dreaming of switching your niche client focus, building a team, or starting your own brokerage? If so, make 2019 your year of reinvention!

I believe nearly every day you reinvent yourself – in some way, shape or form. You decide every day if you are going to move forward or backward. You choose to shift your mindset or stay steadfast in it. 

The good news is, reinvention doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. It’s about uncovering the best of who you are, discovering where you want to go and grow, and then building towards that. Pivoting, if you will. It is more about reassessing along the way and making necessary shifts while continuing to move forward.

Here are 7 concepts to embrace that I have learned about reinvention while coaching clients and living the dream that is entrepreneurship to help you FIRE UP your year ahead!

Write down a list of things you would do if you had no fear or limits. Choose one of those, run it by your list of core values to make sure it is aligned, and run with it!

1. Be Specific.
What do you want to reinvent? Is there something you’ve never gone a day without thinking about it? What areas of your life or business are most in need of a pivot? Setting goals that are values-aligned are key in this phase.  

Not sure where to start?  

2. Be Brave.
It takes courage to reinvent yourself. Being bold as you bound out of your comfort zone and into the blissful abyss of change is.

It may be tough, at first, but most things worth it don’t come easily. By the way, being brave also means letting go and making room for the change. Examine what you tolerate, write it down, and start tackling/solving each one. Get ready to clear out old mindsets and shake them up!

3. Be Confident.
Simply put, it is time to believe in yourself. Really believe you are worthy and worth it. Embrace self-confidence and believe you are capable of achieving whatever you want. Listen to your self-talk and start flipping those negative thoughts - replacing them with sweet, supportive words. Put together values-aligned, goal-supporting affirmations. Need some help? Join me for the next free session!

4. Be Teachable.
A desire to learn and grow is a key ingredient in the reinvention process. Just as important is finding the best mentor to teach you the lesson you need to learn. Whose business or personal attributes do you admire and want to embrace as your own? Who has achieved what you want to accomplish?

Once you have your list together, reach out, share what you want to learn from them (and maybe even what you are excited about sharing) and set up a schedule to connect.  When you can’t be there in person, try using a video conference tool (like FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts) for mentoring sessions.

Read more about being and finding the best mentor here!

5. Be Tenacious.
Reinvention is not for the faint of heart. It is for the cape-wearing superheroes and lionesses.

To be fabulously persistent, wonderfully unwavering, and outrageously resilient - you must be determined to push through challenges and naysayers! Who are the people holding you back with THEIR self-limiting beliefs? Who are the energy vampires who leave you feeling weak and drained after you are together?  Start spending less time with them. This will create divine margin for what and who matters.

Never give up. Find a quote or two that remind you of this and post them where you see them every single day!

6. Be Gracious.
Reinvention is not an overnight occurrence. Building a new habit takes 63 days! You will likely stumble more than you succeed - at first.

Please, give yourself grace along the way.  

Be prepared to stretch and grow your patience muscle. Changing your way of thinking, seeing and doing things is a personal journey – don’t rush it, learn from it.

7. Be Consistent.
Do at least one action a week to propel your reinvention forward.

Identify the things that keep you inspired and moving ahead and surround yourself with them.  Get rid of elements holding you back – thoughts, relationships, things… do it now.  When you are on the right path it will feel so magnificent it will make you giggle as you jump out of bed every morning.

Now is the time.
This is the place.

If you need some help in reviewing and setting some sassy life commitments, download this moxie-filled exercise.

This is your year to embrace the best version of yourself and live out loud, on purpose, and on your own terms, my dearest Lionesses. Here is to a magnificent, moxie-filled 2019!  

About the Contributor

Debra Trappen is a Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Podcaster, and Author. She founded her company to serve growth-minded leaders – with a concentration on engaging, elevating, and empowering women. She helps you define, design, and intentionally live your signature life out loud, serve your communities, and become the change you wish to see - all with a fiery focus, confidence, and purpose.

When she is not idea-storming her next adventure or writing, interviewing, or recording in her Fire Up studio, you will find her enjoying quiet time devouring books and podcasts, walking her pups, watching Sci-Fi flicks or wine tasting with her hubby across the globe for her passion project, WomenOnWine.

Email: debra@debratrappen.com
Phone: (425) 894-1011
Website: debratrappen.com
Facebook: facebook.com/d11-fireup
Twitter: twitter.com/debra11
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