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Women's Council and Being Comfortable Talking about the Uncomfortable Topic of Race

These days are very difficult as we watch our fellow citizens respond with grief, anger, and protest to the death of George Floyd. It is another painful reminder that racism has no place in our society. Vibrant communities draw from and encourage diversity and freedom, something that the Women's Council has always stood for.

We are sure you are receiving many viewpoints on social media, but we ask that you invest the time to listen to the attached one-hour Zoom meeting with our very own iconic Women's Council thought leaders on the topic. The content is authentic, unscripted, raw, and provides viewpoints within our grassroots business leaders, sharing knowledge and experiences to promote understanding.

Note that the Women's Council intentionally opted out of writing corporate statements or participating in social media posts and instead wanted to have a conversation with our own leaders. At Women's Council, we share experiences… not just business, but personal experiences as well. Thank you in advance for watching this, and many thanks to our panel of participants who shared so openly and helped us begin this discussion that will be continued. We ask that you listen with an open mind and heart. Some of these topics are uncomfortable. Some are teaching moments. You may not agree with them all, but that’s OK. Our respect and admiration for each other in this organization transcends any opinions that we have. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step, and this will be the first of many conversations we'll have on important societal issues including race.

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Leadership Institute: Dynamic, Encouraging & Open for Applicants!

The Women's Council Leadership Institute is a nine-month program that develops leaders who have demonstrated leadership potential through their local and state networks, to create a network of industry experts across the country who are actively involved in improving our Council. 

Women's Council Midyear Meeting: At Home Edition Recap

For the first time ever our Midyear Meeting went virtual! With our largest registration numbers, recorded education sessions, governance meetings and online networking opportunities, we are thrilled for this new opportunity to reach more of our members at home. 

Finding the Right Support for Right Now

Thinking back on my journey as a small business owner, it is perfectly clear to me that the trainings I attended, courses I took, mastermind groups I joined, business friends I bounced ideas off of, and coaches I had, made a huge impact on my business. Even if you are the only person working your business right now, you should not be going it entirely alone. Support is necessary to grow your business effectively and thankfully, it comes in many different forms and price ranges.  

Summer Wellness & Your Local Farmers Market

Now that summer weather is in full swing in most parts of the country, it is a wonderful time to consider your local bounty at farmer’s markets and roadside stands. While big-name grocery stores give us the illusion that all types of fruits and veggies are plentiful year-round, the reality of how our food gets to our plate can be eye-opening for the average consumer.  The numerous benefits of buying local may surprise you!

Chase Mortgage Assistance

At Chase, we're committed to helping our customers affected by COVID-19.

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Virtual Benefits

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we've been working hard to bring you virtual events. Take a look at our new Virtual Benefits page to see everything that we're offering. At Women's Council, we are always dedicated to your success, and we will continue to offer building blocks so you can keep growing your business and network.

Women's Council National Conference

Join Women’s Council, November 11-15, 2020 at the New Orleans Marriott to ignite your business leadership skills, discover new approaches to grow your business and strengthen your network all while engaging with your Women’s Council community. The Conference is held in conjunction with NAR's REALTORS Conference & Expo. Registration opening date will be announced soon. 

Women's Council Members Saving Center

Remember with the Women's Council Members Saving Center, you can get extra discounts on flowers and gifts for graduates! Take a look at our exclusive pricing on 1800Flowers.com when you enter promo code WINDFALL.

Women's Council Team Store

Team Store is your one-stop-shop for branding compliant merchandise, now including PPE for your business! Take advantage of our post-conference free shipping code: ConferenceCard2020

Upcoming Events

Chicago, IL |

Network 360 Leadership Conference

The 2021 Network 360° Leadership Conference is being held in downtown Chicago at the Sheraton Grand from August 18-20. This LIVE in-person conference is for Local and State Presidents-elect, State Liaisons and National Liaisons.

This quality, award-winning program for network leaders has registration slots that are now open to any network leader (local or state) interested in attending. But registration is strictly limited to 250 attendees and spots are filling up fast, as is hotel capacity. 

San Diego, CA | Nov. 10, 2021 - Nov. 14, 2021

National Conference & Expo

Join Women’s Council IN PERSON at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront from November 10-14th for the 2021 National Conference. Don’t miss out as your Women's Council community reunites and discovers opportunities that await in the year ahead. The Conference is held in conjunction with NAR's REALTORS® Conference & Expo.