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Podcast Highlights from 2020

Podcasts were new for Women's Council in 2020 and another great way to connect with our members online. We've received some great feedback, and our analytics tell us that many of you are listening in - Thank You!  Don't forget to click subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so that you're always updated when we publish a new podcast!


Let's take a minute to dive into our most popular podcasts...

5. Episode 14: Coffee Talk

Features Chris Pelkola Lee, Brenda Lee Szlachta, Kerri Hartnett, Sylvia Seabolt and Pamela Banks.

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4. Episode 10: Jan Jedlinsky

Features Jan Jedlinsky being interviewed by Pamela Banks.

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3. Episode 12: Kathleen Morin

Features Kathleen Morin being interviewed by Pamela Banks.

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2. Episode 11: Linda Arvanitis

Features Linda Arvanitis being interviewed by Pamela Banks.

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1. Episode 1: Aisha Allen

Features Aisha Allen being interviewed by Brenda Lee Szlachta.

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