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Top Productivity Tips

There's no better way to start a New Year than goal setting and strategizing ways to increase your business and productivity! Here are our tips to help you get to your goals faster by staying productive and keeping your eye on the prize...

Block Your Time - In a time when everyone is working and schooling from home most days, blocking your time has never been so important. Be sure to block your time in such a way that your most productive hours are spent working towards your business goals.

Digitalize Your Task List - Take some time to figure out which app would work best for you and get that task list digital. You'll always have it with you so you know what's on your plate. 

Do The Hardest Thing First -  'Eat the Frog' as they say! As you're planning your day, do your least favorite task first - it'll make the rest of your day easier.

Don't Multitask - Give one task your full attention and do it to your best ability. You'll likely get it done with better efficiency and quality!

Say NO! - By always saying yes or some version of yes, you will compromise your own highest priority activities.

Organize Your Work Space - Clutter is going to distract you from the task at hand. Take 10 minutes at the end of every day and clean up your workspace so you start fresh each morning.

Unplug - Avoid mental burnout and unplug every so often. Turn off your email in the evenings and enjoy the family time or plan an extended vacation annually.  Find ways to decompress so you can be productive and efficient when you return! 

Delegate - Not just your work-life, delegate some of your home-life tasks too! Can the kids fold the towels, walk the dogs, load the dishwasher? You bet! Delegate any task that helps your day-to-day overwhelm.

Take BreaksA simple stretch, or walk around the block will help you both mentally and physically, which in turn leads to more productivity. 

Get Some Rest - Getting to bed at a decent time and striving for a full 7-8 hours of rest is not always easy, but make it a goal and see how much better you feel during the daytime!