Southern Alameda County

Rehabbing Property: What TV Doesn't Tell You!

June 20, 2017

By popular demand! Get a wealth of information about rehabbing properties. Learn from the vast expeirence of our presenter who will share her knowledge and secrets.

What will be covered:

  • pros and cons of rehabbing properties in today's market
  • identifying the right properties
  • avoiding mistakes in the rehab process
  • working well with the construction trades
  • how to properly calculate costs
  • making a profit from your property rehab
  • work 40 hours a week, and benefit spiritually, personally, and profitably


About our presenter:

Tammy Pryor Barstow has successfully - and profitably - rehabbed well over 50 homes in her 5 years of rehabbing (4 of those as a single Mom) while keeping her full-time career as a licensed Realtor and helping her clients profit more while buying and selling. She is continually asked by colleages to help them with the ins and outs of rehabbing, and has now agreed to share her secrets with WCR. Tammy is a past-president of our local network.  

Location Details:

On the Border Mexican Grill
Dublin,  California