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President-elect: Chris Pelkola Lee
Idaho Falls, ID

Initially from the Chicago suburbs, Chris graduated from DePaul University and after college continued to live in Chicago working in the corporate world, which relocated her to Manhattan. She happily resided and worked in New York prior to accepting the challenge of a ‘lifestyle change’ and moving across the country to a place she’d never been, Idaho Falls, ID! 

In a twist of fate, it wasn’t until moving to Idaho Falls that Chris had the opportunity to explore her interests in real estate. She licensed and became a REALTOR® in 2007 and in 2014 opened her own independent brokerage. 

The more she has learned about the industry, the more passionate and involved Chris has become in training, leadership roles and advocating for the consumer. Her leadership journey was an unexpected one in the Women’s Council. As a newer member and new to the industry, the local Women’s Council network offered an opportunity to network with peers, create relationships with others in a safe and trusting space to ask questions and hone skills in the local marketplace and become familiar with services provided by and build relationships with local affiliates and strategic partners to benefit her clients. As she became more involved, she was asked to step into leadership positions and traveled to conferences to learn the mechanics of running a network. What she found was a nation-wide network of like-minded individuals with a common belief system in industry education and leadership training opportunities for women in real estate. Women from every background imaginable – different regions, cultures, educational attainments, personal experiences – and when brought together in the Women’s Council they created a mighty world of powerful women. And through our shared experiences we are harnessing that power! 

Within the Council, Chris was encouraged over the years to continue her leadership journey and stepped up to the challenge of further levels of leadership at the local, state and national levels. She has also served in volunteer positions elsewhere within the industry including as President of her local REALTOR® association and on various committees for Idaho REALTORS®, including as the NAR state representative for the Broker Involvement Committee. She currently serves as the 2020 National Treasurer for the Women’s Council of REALTORS®.

Taking the Women’s Council mission to heart, Chris is also actively involved in her community and is currently serving on two citizen committees by Mayoral appointment regarding local housing needs and how local government can support the local business and economic growth climate. In 2019 she chaired a citizen committee for the City considering the facility needs of the local police department which recommended that the City move toward a new build for a  first-ever headquarters for the department. Ultimately the City was able to acquire a parcel of land in a somewhat blighted corridor and future improvements made thereupon should also encourage private industry to reinvest in the area positively affecting property values. Last year Chris was also installed as a Rotarian. 

Chris is honored to have been recognized as the 2018 REALTOR® of the Year by her peers at the Greater Idaho Falls Association of REALTORS®. She is a graduate of Idaho REALTORS® Leadership Academy, a proud RPAC President’s Circle investor, and the Broker/Owner of simpLEE HOME® in Idaho Falls.