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Thank you to all the networks that participated this year and congratulations to the winning networks! The top 3 networks in each category were recognized at the Awards Reception in Washington DC.

And the winners are…

Recruitment Winners

1st - Scottsdale Area (AZ) with 700 Points
2nd - Northern Wasatch (UT) with 400 Points
3rd - Raleigh Regional (NC) with 365 Points

1st - Capital Region (NY) with 375 Points
2nd - Lansing (MI) with 330 Points
3rd - Fort Bend (TX) with 315 Points

1st - Rochester (NY) with 600 Points
2nd - Chicago (IL) with 585 Points
3rd - Seattle Metro (WA) with 415 Points

Retention Winners

1st -Northern Region (MA) with 91.49% members renewing
2nd - North Metro Denver (CO) with 90.24% members renewing
3rd - Contra Costa (CA) with 87.23% members renewing

1st - Monterey Peninsula (CA) with 86.79% members renewing
2nd -Fredericksburg (VA) with 84.44% members renewing
3rd - Cape Coral (FL) with 83.58% members renewing

1st - Rochester (NY) with 77.69% members renewing
2nd - Sussex County (DE) with 76.67% members renewing
3rd - Dallas (TX) with 75.95% members renewing