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Presidents Message

Education, Empowerment, Leadership, Self-Care and Service

What do those words mean to you? For me they are part of the code I live by in both my personal and professional life. It is part of how I spend my time working to improve myself and what I look to on a daily basis with those I interact with, whether it’s at a meeting, working with a client, while I’m shopping….anywhere.

Education means learning and providing education on a daily basis to those around me. It can be as simple as sharing something you found interesting to read, answering a question, helping a client be comfortable with a process or helping a child to find their way in this world.

Empowerment is knowing when to let go of the bike and let the person you have been educating now ride on their own, being their cheerleader, but knowing it is their turn to fly and find their own way.

Leadership is stepping up and doing what you would ask another to do. Setting the example, putting in the work, and surrounding yourself with the best and strongest and not fearing helping them to be stronger, faster or better than yourself.

Self-Care is knowing when to stop, knowing when to ask for help, building those relationships of support and understanding, knowing no one can do it alone. Taking the time to rest, care for yourself and build yourself stronger than before.

Service is being there for others. Taking all the other elements and pulling them together and sharing them with others. Understanding that there is nothing wrong with putting others first, walking in their shoes and being there when they need you, without judgement.

In return for the honor and privilege of being your 2020 President of the Phoenix Network, my commitment to those within this and any other network is to live by those 5 words and to help those that wish to share in this awesome journey to becoming better business owners, stronger leaders and compassionate human beings.

WE ARE Women's Council of REALTORS! #LeadersMadeHere


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Phoenix Women's Council of REALTORS® 2020 Strategic Partners

Diamond Level
Company Industry Representative Phone Email
Clear Title Agency of Arizona Title Renee Cazzell 602-810-8703
Platinum Level
Company Industry Representative Phone Email
Fairway Mortgage Mortgage Ted Overton 602 432-1171
Gold Level
Company Industry Representative Phone Email
V.I.P Mortgage Mortgage Lynette Jorden 480-209-9524
Silver Level
Company Industry Representative Phone Email
Farmers Insurance Insurance Stephanie Schaffroth 480-483-6221
One Guard Home Warranty Home Warranty Shelley Schroff 602-499-5544
MJP Construction, LLC Construction Sarah Tavares 480-522-0946
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc Mortgage Deb Gontko Klein 602-330-5052
Brows by Ana Beauty Ana Noriega 480-334-2818
The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Lynch Law Kirstin Lynch 480-620-9380


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