Hello, and thank you for visiting the Women's Council of Realtors' Marin site, and for taking the time to read this letter.

As the new president of the Marin network, I would like to say how meaningful and fulfilling accepting this role has been.  You see, I didn't know what Women's Council was all about.  Sure, the Council plans events, about many of which I used to say "I'd love to attend, but I'm too busy trying to earn a living."  So why did I sign up as president? 

I signed up as president because I felt needed.  You see, the wonderful past president, Michelle Dodd, had served her two-year term limit.  The organization would fold without a new president.  It seemed sad.  I called Michelle to find out if or how I might help, and the rest was history.

Women's Council started out at as an obligation, but has turned into an incredibly meaningful and fulfilling experience.  I get to collaborate with a wonderful team of colleagues on events that are both educational and fun, and form relationships outside of our day-to-day business.  Women's Council is teaching me not just leadership skills, but what it means to lead.  Women's Council is helping me become a more confident agent AND person.  It has enriched my work and my family life.

If you are a member of Women's Council, thank you for bringing yourself to us.  If you are considering joining, we welcome you to our sister/brother/person-hood.  I promise, you will find meaning and fulfillment in your experience as a Women's Council member, just like I have.

Please reach out at any time.  I am just a call, text or email away, and am here for you!

With sincere thanks,

Janey Kaplan

Holmes Burrell Real Estate

(415) 272-0726