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Ellis County

I am excited and honored to be the first President of  Women’s Council of REALTORS® Ellis County.

Ellis County is a newly chartered Women’s Council network which will work to add value and support to the membership by sharing knowledge, offering education and making lasting friendships within the real estate industry.

Many of the new charter members have been involved in other Women’s Council networks, and those members thought there was a great need for a more localized organization. It has taken many hours of dedication by many to bring this new Network to the thriving Ellis County and surrounding areas. The Network looks forward to being a powerful partner with the members, and other Council networks throughout the state of Texas and the nation. The first year will be dedicated to the organization, building the membership and fellowship of the Network.

Women’s Council of REALTORS®Ellis County is not only for women REALTORS®; men are also members. Other eligible members include Real Estate related industries such as Mortgage, Title Companies, Home Inspection, Surveyors, Insurance Agencies, Home Warranty and Home Repair Companies, to name just a few. As REALTORS®, it takes knowledgeable professionals to make a Great Team to complete a successful transaction for the sellers and buyers.

I am Kristi Hiller and it is my pleasure and honor to serve the membership as the first President of The Women’s Council of REALTORS® Ellis County Network. I look forward to a very successful year for all.

 Kristi Hiller
Ellis County President

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