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Limited Time Offer for Dropped Members to Return to Women's Council for a Discounted Rate!


Last year for the first time in Women's Council history, we held the Come Back Campaign encouraging our lapsed members to rejoin us with special incentives. We asked local & state leaders to reach out to their lapsed members and re-ignite that Women's Council spark! Our numbers grew exponentially and we started a momentum that we want to build off of again this year by offering the same limited-time opportunity. 

At the 2021 Midyear Meetings, a session was held called Post COVID Reset: Getting That Secret Sauce Back and Recapture Lost Members. This recorded session touches on the Come Back Campaign and features a panel of successful networks that pressed the reset button and recaptured and recovered membership. 

What is the Come Back Campaign? 

Women's Council National is offering a limited-time opportunity for our lapsed members to re-join us for a discounted rate. Here's what you need to know as a Network Leader:

  • This opportunity only exists for members that have lapsed in their membership from 2018-2021. Recent 2022 lapsed members will not be included.

  • We will be emailing all Presidents and local Membership Directors a one-time list of lapsed members so that the local networks can also reach out to these groups. Members who renew will show up as a renewed member on the member rosters. State leaders will receive a list of lapsed members at large.

  • We will be discounting local/state/national dues by 50%. Essentially, re-joining members will be paying for July-December of 2022 with no reinstatement fees. Typically they would be charged reinstatement fees and be required to pay for a full year's worth of dues. Going forward, reinstatement fees of $50 will be assessed, so this limited-time offer provides additional savings.

  • This offer will end on June 30, 2022. The campaign runs for one month. Marketing emails have been deployed to lapsed members, and networks will receive lapsed lists.

  • This offer does not apply to new members or members who did not renew in 2022.

What Should I be Doing as a Network Leader?

At National, we will be promoting some of our updated membership benefits (Savings Center, Radius, Mastermind Groups, Safe Showing App, Recorded Video Content, Podcasts) to members that re-join us. We would ask that you also promote some of your membership benefits at the local and state level. What are some new benefits or programs that have changed since these members lapsed? Make sure they know the value of your local network!

We have found that the more often we 'touch' members at the local, state, and national level, the more inclined they are to renew or re-join. Please use the one-time lists we send to your President and Membership Director to reach out to these lapsed members via telephone and email and encourage them to Come Back to the Women's Council! Note, in any email communications, ensure that you have an opt-out or unsubscribe option. 

What is the Process for Members That Wish to Come Back?

  • Members that are interested and eligible in re-joining the Women's Council will need to log into their member profile (many may need to reset their password which can be done via the "forgot your password" link).  In the marketing emails, we will advise them of their username (which is typically their email), for quick and easy sign in via the login or renew button.

  • Once they are in their Women's Council member profile, they can click renew membership. This will only work for members included in the lapsed list. 

  • Once they are on the 'cart' page, it should show a discounted membership price - 50% off local, state, and national dues which represents dues owed from July-December 2022. In 2023, the member will return to the annual membership plan.

  • Continue the checkout process.

  • If for any reason a member does not wish to rejoin online, they can call Member Services to renew over the phone (their profile will show discounted dues). Checks are also accepted but must be postmarked no later than June 30th.

  • If a member wishes to move to a different local or state network, they should contact national before they renew. Email or call 800-285-2955.

  • If you find that a member has not renewed their real estate license, please email their name and email address to so that we can remove them from future mailings.

Important to Note

  • This is not a public campaign available to any member, it is for lapsed members only over the past few years who appear on the lapsed list.

  • New, first-time members continue to pay a full year of dues with a second-year proration before reverting to the calendar plan on the third year.  

  • Preview the message we sent to qualifying members.