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Network Tools and Resources

Women's Council - National has an approved instructor cadre of peers and professionals ready to be deployed to train Networks in your local market area. Women's Council - National will absorb the costs of sending a trainer to your area. We can also organize a webinar or other electronic means as well.

To request a trainer and begin the process, fill out an officer request form via the following link (note, your username/password is required). Special notes ! Put in "C2N TRAINER" under the fields titled "invited officer" and "topic". Also, under the question "will invited officer be installing upcoming officers" just fill in "no".

Some policies regarding trainer requests are as follows:

  1. This form must be filled out in its entirety in order to consider a trainer and we'll respond within 2-3 business days.
  2. Trainers are available from August 1st to December 20th, 2017 and any request must be made 30 days in advance of the training session.
  3. Special trainer requests are not available and the person who is deployed to train in your area will be based on what makes the most sense from a geographic, cost, and availability perspective.
  4. Not all requests can be granted and decisions to deploy trainers will be based on audience size, number of Networks trained, and other factors.
  5. While Women's Council will offset the costs to send a trainer, we do ask that you host your volunteer trainer well, including airport pickup, coordination of hotel reservations, and other logistical details.
  6. Finally, with today's technology we are also happy to arrange a webinar, conference call, video, or other means as well. Fill out the officer request form to initiate the process.

    For additional information on Network training and forms, click here.