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This newsletter is intended for 2021 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

Edition 9 - 2021 | February 25, 2021

Note, this edition of Roadmap is for 2021 network leaders and is being distributed to the six leadership team members who were reported to National.  

Radius Benefits for Women's Council Members

  • Radius is a key and complementary virtual benefit to display your information, network with peers, and do member-to-member referrals. Ensure your member profile is up to date on wcr.radiusagent.com. Contact wcr@radiusagent.com for questions about your profile.  
  • Radius is offering a free summit to Women’s Council members today. The summit is featuring the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) San Ramon Valley and NAHREP Top 250 Latinos. Sign up now.

  • In case you missed it, Radius offered a Lightning Round Session at Elevate earlier this month and the slide deck can be viewed here.

  • Radius can present at your local network event, to get in touch please contact wcr@radiusagent.com.


Planned Website Maintenance Scheduled for This Weekend

A new software release is scheduled for the Women’s Council database this weekend for an 8-hour timeframe (note, we will do this between Saturday and Sunday afternoon for the least impact). This means that anything done through a member’s login such as dues payments or profile updates will be unavailable for an 8-hour period over the weekend. We expect the impact to be minimal and wcr.org access will still be fully functional. 


Network Checks are Coming

National is processing checks for the local and state dues for new and renewing members from the third quarter of 2020 (through December). You can expect to receive them within 2 weeks. Please note the following regarding network checks:

  • If you see a discrepancy in the check amount that does not match your records, please let Debbie Coda know at dcoda@wcr.org for further evaluation. While we are confident that amounts would "match", Networks should double-check.
  • Our next deployment of checks is anticipated for April and once again we'll ask that you double-check your records.
  • State checks are sent to the 2021 State President's address on file. Local checks are sent to the 2021 Director of Membership address on file. In the event there is no membership director reported or they don't meet the criteria, we will send it to the local President.
    NOTE: for all future check deployments, going forward it will be sent to Presidents only.   
  • We only send checks to the address on file in the member profile. Going forward, should you wish to have checks sent to a different address, you need to manually go in and change address information. We cannot manually change addresses or accept written requests to send elsewhere. 
  • A small number of renewals are not calculating state and local dues. In this case, we amend the subscription and manually charge renewing members to ensure members pay dues at all levels. All renewing members will be charged dues at all levels, but send any discrepancies to wcr@wcr.org.  

Network Certification Recordings are Available Online

Network certification will recognize and reward the most active local and state networks that achieve five key benchmarks of network excellence. Did you miss the session? Recordings are available by visiting the certification page. While the application period begins on August 1st, you will want to begin working on benchmarks now.


One Month to Drop Date on Renewing Members

We only have one month to go until renewing members are dropped for 2021. Edition 6 of the Roadmap newsletter contains outstanding zoom recordings and tools from member leaders on recruitment and retention strategies. 


Final Reminder on Affiliation Agreements

Affiliation agreements were due October 31, 2020 and define the relationship between networks and national and are required for a network to remain in good standing. Additionally, completing this is a required benchmark to become a Women’s Council Certified Network in 2021 with a due date of March 1st. Affiliation agreements for state and local networks can be found on the National Information and Forms page at the bottom of the page.


Officer Amendments

Amendments to leadership teams are reflected on the microsites within two weeks.


Roadmap: Visit the Archives

All Roadmap Newsletters are archived for your convenience. Access them via this link. Only official state & local leadership team officers who have been reported to National receive this communication. We recommend you share with other groups as needed as the archives can be viewed by all.