Ideas for Networking Activities

This tool contains 23 networking activities:

  • Section 1: Networking activities related to education program content
  • Section 2: Business-building networking activities
  • Section 3: "Getting to know you" networking activities

Winning Programs

Thank you to all of the local and state networks who participated in our Local Network Program Recognition initiative. 

They met the criteria of timely, issue driven, member revenue-generating topics. We also factored in REALTOR® attendance, attendee evaluation scores and creativity in the planning and presentation. Should your local network want to host a similar event, we wanted to make the process easy for you to reach out, so we included chapter contacts in the link below.

2016 Winning Programs
2015 Winning programs
2014 Winning programs

Women's Council recognizes networks that have provided exceptional value to their membership through effective programming that positively affects the member's business performance. Effective programming is defined here as timely, issue driven, revenue generating topics. Visit our Network Business Planning, Quarterly Report and Program Recognition page for full details about the selection process, deadlines and application forms.

Hot Topic Program Scanning Tool

Scan your environment to find topics and trends that are of educational value to members and prospects. Download the Scanning Tool (PDFWord doc) and a Sample List of resources identified by the Effective Network Operations Forum participants to help you get started.

Scanning Activity for Your Network

Have your leadership team participate in a scanning activity using the Scanning Tool (download above) to identify multiple opportunities, resources, people and so on, which might generate hot real estate issues and trends. Then transform your ideas into educational opportunities.

Transforming Issues and Trends into Programs

The Effective Network Operations Forum designed two scenarios around hot topics that were identified by environmental scanning. Using these scenarios, members were asked to put together programs that would both benefit members and serve as a REALTOR® prospecting tool.

Participants used the Program Format Guide to select the presentation format, venue and room setup and used the Program Planning Worksheet to design the program, target audience, marketing techniques and more. The Program Planning Worksheet is a tool that may be used to plan your Business Resource meetings, as well as to plan additional spontaneous programs and educational opportunities that have been identified by your environmental scans.

Below are some of the completed Program Planning Worksheets from the Effective NetworkOperations Forum participants:
County Zoning Worksheets
Wall Street Journal Article Worksheets

As you will see, a great many formats, venues and so on may be selected for the same topic based on what your team determines is the best way to proceed.

Program Ideas

Leadership Training Program Templates

Consensus Building, Diversity, Meeting Management, Public Speaking and Strategic Planning – these templates were designed to assist you with offering valuable leadership development programs for your network members.

Educate Your Members on

Network Officers: Show your members how to use Women's Council's online tools to build their businesses. This customizable PowerPoint Presentation, made available in part by the Member Network Strategic Forum, contains step-by-step instructions on how to log in to the Member Center, complete the Member Expertise Profile and use the Referral Center to generate referrals and much more. Suggested venues for this presentation include network meetings and member orientations.

Got Leadership Panel Template

At the 2008 Midyear Meeting a panel consisting of Women's Council and community leaders shared their own personal leadership success stories. The Got Leadership Panel Template has been developed for use at the local and state level so that networks can present a similar leadership panel of their own.