New Member Nudge

Sometimes All it Takes is a Little Nudge

Limited-time offer: New members can join for 2022, and get the rest of 2021 free!


Do you have many potential new members “thinking” about joining? The resurged demand for in-person connections has resulted in significant membership growth at Women’s Council over the summer months.  

Many are considering joining – and sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to convert fence-sitters into members.

What better “nudge” than 2022 membership, with the remainder of 2021 – for free! Yes, that’s right, for the first time ever, new members pay a full year and get the remainder of 2021 for free.  

What is the New Member Nudge Campaign? 

Women's Council National is offering a limited-time opportunity for new members to join now for 2022 membership, and in turn, get the remainder of 2021 for free, and enjoy other bonus new member benefits.  

Here's what you need to know as a network leader: 

  • This opportunity only exists for new members with no membership in the past four years with a previous record. It is not valid for expired or renewing members.

  • A member can join from September 1, 2021, through October 31, 2021, and it will cover full 2022 dues plus the remainder of 2021 for free. In 2022, they will be invoiced for 2023 dues with no second-year prorations. 

Bonus New Member Nudge Items:

In addition to the remainder of 2021 for free, the new member nudge campaign will include the following bonus items:

  • Free virtual recordings from 2020 and 2021 national conferences (ex, Elevate, Health, Wealth & Self, and Midyear Meeting).

  • Exclusive new member orientation by the National Liaisons in late October (TBD).

  • Rapid and assisted VIP enrollment in Women’s Council Saving Center for instant dues ROI this fall, including home improvement (12% Ace Hardware discount and Home Depot ProXtra), office supplies (exclusive Office Depot discount card), and 20% off Truly Original Flowers & Gifts just in time for the upcoming holiday season.

What Should I be Doing as a Network Leader?

As part of the new member nudge campaign, we also encourage you to localize your campaign and promote local benefits, such as complimentary events and other “hyper-local” reasons to join for a limited time. Make sure they know the value of your local network, but most especially the face-to-face interaction that makes the Women’s Council value proposition so unique. Reach out to all prospects and couple national benefits along with benefits that your local network can offer during this limited-time promotion. Note, in any email communications, ensure that you have an opt-out or unsubscribe option. 

What is the Process for New Members That Wish Join During the Campaign?

  • The system will recognize members who join during the campaign and will automatically apply the free remainder of 2021 savings. 

  • Once they join, National will send a welcome letter with the exclusive benefits. They will not be invoiced for renewing membership until November 2022 (for 2023 membership).  They will skip second-year prorations and go directly onto the calendar plan. 

  • The online new member join process has been redesigned and streamlined for a quick and easy enrollment process. New member form fill PDF applications with pre-filled dues amounts can also be found on your network’s microsite under the documents section (note, you can customize this application as you see fit). 

Important to Note

  • This is a public campaign and we are relying on local networks to spread the word. Your prospects are invaluable and already understand some of the Women's Council value. This webpage is an easily shared link on Facebook, with a brief description of the New Member Nudge. Additional marketing tools will be provided by National. Stay tuned for these in the Roadmap Newsletter. 

  • This offer can not be retroactively applied to new members that have joined prior to September 1.

  • As an incentive for your recruitment efforts, we will be recognizing the top networks that obtain new members at an exclusive reception in the President’s Suite in San Diego. Recognition will be given to networks that grow the most in terms of sheer numbers and top percentage growth as well, in order to recognize both small and large networks. Game on!