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This newsletter is intended for 2020 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

Edition 1-2020 | January 15, 2020

Happy New Year!  

This communication is sent periodically and is exclusive to local and state network leaders and provides you information, tools, and guidelines to assist in your leadership journey in 2020. 

Resource Center: Where To Go for Information and Help.

  1. Operational issues (dues, forms, administration, general questions).  The official help email is We respond to emails within 24 hours. Our toll-free number is 1-800-285-2955 and the best hours to reach staff are between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm CST.
  2. Networks Outreach.  Jamie Saltman is the Women’s Council Network Outreach Director and she is available to assist with network issues, including, but not limited to: governance, structure, policy, new networks formation, and other troubleshooting issues.  Jamie is an active member of Women’s Council for many years and has extensive local and state volunteer experience, which makes her uniquely qualified to assist as needed. Please reach out to Jamie at

  3. Where to find documents.  Local and state forms and other core information can be located under the network tools tab on, or visit the link directly here. Included in this link is the Leadership Policy and Procedure Manual (LPPM), which gets updated several times throughout the year. For attendees of the Network 360 Leadership Conference last August, all presentations and handouts can be accessed online, which we hope you find useful.

  4. Network 360 Year Round Facebook page.  This is a private Facebook group where the 2020 local and state Network Presidents can continue the education and networking that takes place at the Network 360 Leadership Conference year-round. Participants can share best practices, seek advice and answers from peers, plus gain insights and news to enhance their Women's Council Network's value and grow their own professionalism. Join the group today.

Admin Access to

Last week, all 2020 officer names, photos and contact information were updated in the system and are reflected on the microsites. All of your information is pulled directly from your member profile, so you'll want to keep that updated. If you see outdated (2019) or missing officers on your microsite, it means that you have not yet reported the officers. Local officers should be reported here and state officers should be reported hereThe 5 key officers of state and local networks receive Admin access which allows you to update pages, add content, and access member rosters (current rosters and ‘not yet renewed’ reports). Here is how you access the system:

  • Log into (note: ensure that your password has been reset since last October). The system will recognize you as an official Admin for your local or state network.

  • After logging in, refresh the page once by clicking on the Women’s Council logo in the upper left-hand screen.

  • Then, to the left of the red “join now” button on the upper right-hand screen, a button called “Admin” will appear. Click on the Admin button, which will connect to your local or state microsite where you can make changes, add content, and edit accordingly (note, any editing to your microsite should not be done from a mobile device – a desktop or laptop is preferred). While five officers in your local or state have Admin access to the system, we recommend that you designate specific officers to edit the system. 

  • Note the “not yet renewed” reports do not reflect members who have renewed since December 14, 2019; so any member who has renewed in the past month will not show in these reports (which are typically real-time). We are aware of this technical issue and a fix will occur very soon, and we’ll let you know when this has been fixed. Thank you for your patience on this issue.  

Coming soon! Training on microsites. While Admin functions on the website are straightforward and intuitive, we recognize that training and tools will be useful for you as a new network leader. A training course exclusive to network leaders is being developed and a training link will be distributed by late January. Stay tuned!

Everything You Need to Know About Renewals

Dues renewals went out on December 14 & 15 and renewal season officially goes until March 31st (note, we are looking at extending by one month, due to late invoicing this cycle).  All renewing members were sent a proforma invoice with personalized dues calculations via email last month. Some things to know about renewals:

  • Proforma invoices.  Dues must be paid from the specialized proforma invoice/link sent by on December 14 and 15. Members should check their inbox for the proforma invoice or request another copy at By simply logging onto member profile, only national dues amounts might appear. Note that a second round of invoices will be sent this month for anyone who missed the first invoice. If you or your members see any invoice errors, please contact and we’ll investigate. The local and state portion of the dues is remitted via check every quarter and payment will be remitted to you. 
  • PMN dues.  Some proforma invoices are not reflecting PMN dues. We are aware of this and will be invoicing these dues separately in the Spring. Just pay national, state and local dues and PMN dues will be reconciled later. Thank you for your patience on this matter. 
  • Future renewal efforts.  With nearly 3 months left in renewals season, we’ll be resending out proforma invoices to non-renewed members a couple more times, so if you missed the first dues notice, stay tuned for an additional deployment (we will advise network leaders before it goes out). Invoices will also be mailed soon for those who prefer to pay via check. Women’s Council – National is working with a telemarketing firm to reach out to lapsed members from last year next month, so we’ll be assisting in this effort as well.

Renewal Contests

Note that renewal contests are temporarily on hold until member rosters are fully updated in real-time. Stay tuned for an update on contests later this month.