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This newsletter is intended for 2020 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

Edition 11-2020 | March 25, 2020


Virtual Events: A Robust Library for Your Members

In addition to the social distancing tool kit distributed to network leaders, Women’s Council now has a virtual events tab, with both upcoming and archived webinars that include a variety of delivery methods including Zoom, WebEx, and Facebook Live. The variety includes virtual happy hours, book clubs, yoga, and timely topics such as coronavirus and crisis management. There are events scheduled every business day through mid-April and over 20 events to date, either scheduled or available via recordings. Women’s Council is here for network leaders and your members. What can you do as a network leader? Your membership looks to local and state leadership, as the first point of contact. Feel free to post these events on your microsite and market them as a local or state benefit. A great example can be found from California State here.
Do you or your members have a topic to cover? Fill out this form and we will take it under consideration to include. Together we’ll offer value to our members and assist during this challenging time.  

Are Your Events Updated? 

All of the local events are aggregated on a master calendar on  Whether events are postponed or going virtual, please update the status of your event so that members receive timely updates.  

Renewals Closing Soon

4th dues renewal notice sent March 17th and March 18th. The fourth round of invoices was sent to all unpaid members on March 17th and March 18th. We are approaching the end of renewals season so it is important to advise your members of this semi-final renewal notice. All unpaid members will receive a customized link with a proforma invoice that requires the member to enter the username* and password. Note, if a member wishes to receive their customized link or if the message is in their spam folder, please contact (subject line: Dues Invoice Request), and we can re-send the customized link. 
*The username is the email address on file. The member may be required to set up a new password. Dues renewals must be done from a desktop and not a mobile device.

As a reminder: 

  • ‘Not Yet Renewed’ reports are live and fully operational and work in real-time.

  • We have developed customized templated emails so that you can reach out to members who have not yet renewed. Since the third round of invoices was just deployed, now is a great time to deploy that message from the local network.  

  • We can custom-make PDF renewal forms (and new member forms) with your Network logo and pre-filled dues amounts.

Can My Network Do Electric Voting?

With meetings going virtual, National has been getting this question and the answer is yes!  Both state and local networks have bylaws provisions that permit electronic voting. Article IX, Section 2(A) reads:   “election of officers shall be conducted by electronic voting, via voice or roll call vote or written ballot if there are two or more nominees for an office.”

Leadership Identification And Development: Who, What, When, Where And Why - April 1 at Noon Central

We realize that your leadership journey has been strained this past month with global events. The road map is designed to assist you with the journey and tasks to perform. This is a friendly reminder that we are nearly a month through the Leadership Identification and Development process and applications for 2021 are due on May 1st. It is our job as leaders to describe the opportunity to members and make them aware of the process. Join national leaders Sylvia Seabolt and Chris Lee for a Zoom call on Wednesday, April 1st, 12:00 – 1:00pm that will walk you through the process and the who, what, when where and why.
Register here and let your audiences know as appropriate. Thank you!

A Note to Midyear Attendees (And Attendees Not Yet Registered)

We will no longer be holding a live Midyear Meeting, instead, we'll be holding a virtual conference over the same meeting dates.  For those of you who had not yet registered but intend on registering, we’ll be in touch soon with registration procedures.

For those who already registered, we sent out an email earlier this week but policies can be viewed online.

Network 360 Year-Round Private Facebook Group is Exclusive to Network Leaders

Network 360 Year-Round is a private Facebook group where the 2020 local and state Network leadership team members can continue the education and networking that takes place at the Network 360 Leadership Conference year-round. Participants can share best practices, seek advice and answers from peers, plus gain insights and news to enhance their Women's Council Network's value and grow their own professionalism. During times like this, connectedness and information exchange is the key to success. Join the group today.  

New! Podcasts for Women's Council

We've recently released our first Women's Council Podcast. Listen and subscribe on your favorite platform today. Be sure to share with your members! Women's Council is always providing new and relevant content to meet members' needs across the country.