This newsletter is intended for 2020 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

Edition 13-2020 | April 8, 2020


Virtual Benefits Are All In One Place!

Women’s Council has consolidated all of its virtual benefits on a single webpage. From virtual events (scheduled and archived), podcasts, Member Finder (Radius), and the virtual Midyear Meeting, it's all on this landing page. Bookmark and share it with your members!  

Virtual Events Survey Closing Tomorrow

At a national level, virtual events are attracting thousands of members per week, which helps sustain member value through challenging times. We know that local and state networks are doing them as well. In case you missed it last week, please participate in the survey. The data will be shared with networks in a future newsletter.  

Invite A National Officer to Your Virtual Meeting

Holding a virtual meeting and looking for a national leadership team member to drop in?  National leadership team members are available to attend and speak at your virtual meetings while we practice social distancing. Please fill out the online invitation to initiate the process. We realize that this is a challenging time to be a local or state network leader and the national leadership team is available to conduct outreach accordingly.  

Virtual Midyear Update

Women’s Council is finalizing the Midyear Meeting virtual schedule and it will be published and promoted soon. Registration information can be found on the Midyear page. A few updates about the virtual meeting:

  • The final schedule will complement, not conflict with, NAR’s virtual midyear meeting schedule and will attempt to follow a similar flow and feel to the live meetings. Some committee meetings will take place the week before.
  • The awards program will be postponed to the National Conference in New Orleans, so that networks may celebrate achievements in a live setting.
  • Elections will be done electronically; detailed information and procedures to follow.

Coronavirus Scam Emails

Sadly, our networks are reporting that scam emails are circulating, asking to wire a donation for coronavirus relief, using the name of network leaders which scammers scrape from network microsites. The same rules apply as always on spotting scam emails, please see our previous scam article from the eConnect archives that addresses how to spot these targeted emails.

Zoom Meetings For Network Leaders: Where Can I Find Them?

This year, your national Leadership Team has pulled together an outstanding Leadership Library of a variety of video topics for leaders to use in your local or state network. The Leadership Library is archived on our YouTube Channel.