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This newsletter is intended for 2020 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

Edition 18-2020 | July 1, 2020


Recruitment Tools & New Member Resources  

Does your Network need some fresh images to help recruit members? Unsure how to convey the Women's Council 'feeling' virtually? We've created a Facebook Album of Recruitment Images.


Bylaws and Electronic Elections

Can My Network Do Electronic Voting? With meetings going virtual, National has been getting this question and the answer is yes! Both state and local networks have bylaws provisions that permit electronic voting. Article IX, Section 2(A) reads:“election of officers shall be conducted by electronic voting, via voice or roll call vote or written ballot if there are two or more nominees for an office.” Note, some microsite bylaws contain old verbiage on this, it will be updated in the coming weeks. Questions on electronic voting? Please contact

Network 360 Leadership Conference Invites Sent -- Did You Register?

An invitation was sent two weeks ago for incoming (2021) Local Network Presidents, State Network Presidents, State Liaisons, and National Liaisons to attend the Network 360 Leadership Conference. Held August 11-14, the format will be fully digital with increased programming, including topical lightning rounds on everything you ever wanted to know about leading a network. The early bird registration fee of $195 includes all events and a Network 360 branded gift to be sent to your address on file. If you do not fit into the invitation category but wish to attend for whatever reason, please send a message to to request an invitation and explain why you wish to attend the event, so that we may consider adding you to the invite and attendance list. Thank you!  

Reminder: Call to Action on Advancing ALL Women as Business Leaders in the Industry and in the Communities We Serve 

In case you missed it: Edition 16 of Road Map contained a call to action for networks addressing topics of race, diversity, and inclusion. Please revisit the edition.  Last week, the Women's Council Executive Committee discussed the topic and we will be sharing additional initiatives soon. Did you get a chance to view the one hour video on race? A shorter, 7-minute version has been developed for you to view. However, we do encourage you to view the full version of this important topic. A thank you to all networks for keeping this issue at the forefront.