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This newsletter is intended for 2020 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

Edition 2-2020 | January 31, 2020

Welcome to the second edition of the Roadmap for Network Leadership.  As a reminder, this communication is sent periodically and is exclusive to local and state network leaders and provides you information, tools, and guidelines to assist in your leadership journey in 2020.  All newsletters are archived here for reference and retrieval.

Renewal Reminders: Check Your Email

The second round of outstanding membership invoices are being resent to members. Here is what you as a leader need to know about the 2nd round of invoicing:

  • All unpaid members will receive a 2nd notice proforma invoice. The emails are being sent over the dates of January 30/31 and will come from with the subject line: "2nd Notice: 2020 Women's Council National Membership Renewal".
  • Each proforma invoice is a unique link that is custom-made to each member and must be paid from that link. For the 2nd proforma invoice notice, we currently do not have a feature where a member can pay by logging into their profile. While we are looking to correct that for the 3rd notice invoice, all members currently must pay from their own unique link.
  • If a member forgot their password or needs to reset it, this can be done by simply clicking the"forgot password link" button on the email.  After resetting the password, they can go into the system and pay.
  • Invoices should be paid from a desktop or laptop and not via a mobile device.
  • If PMN dues are not included in the dues calculation, please proceed to pay local, national and (if applicable) state dues, and we will invoice your PMN dues separately in the April timeframe.  

A few other things to know as a network leader about renewals:

  • We will extend renewals by one month (until May 1st).
  • ​A third round of invoicing will be done in February along with mailed invoices.
  • Members can also renew dues by calling Women's Council offices during business hours (1-800-285-2955) or leave a message and we'll call you back.
  • For members who have renewed since mid-December, renewals are not yet appearing on the "not yet renewed" reports on the microsites. We are working on a fix and will let you know when this is completed.

Have You Reported 2020 Officers Yet?

Local and state networks must report their 2020 officers. These were due on December 31st. Reporting your 2020 officers “triggers” everything in the Women’s Council eco-system, including:

  • Distribution of this newsletter and all national communications.

  • Officer information correctly posted and updated on microsites.

  • Compliance with affiliation agreement.

Reporting officers entails filling out a simple jotform that takes less than one minute. To access the jotforms, local networks report 2020 officers here and state networks should report officers here. Additionally, if there are changes throughout the year in your officer team, please let us know by contacting

Admin Access on Micro-learning Class Designed for You

The last edition focused on login instructions. As promised, we have developed a short video that provides an overview of how to use the Admin features on the microsites. Click here for a 10-minute micro-course on how to use the site. We’ll be rolling out other micro-courses in the coming months that outline other technology tips, including event planning, social media, and other tech tools to run networks. Stay tuned!

New Content on for You to View and Use

Benefits page: The benefits page lists member benefits in detail and is a great resource for both new and renewing members. On this page is a member video, links to member benefits program, and other resources, including:  

  • Member benefits webinar held in January 2020

  • Radius “member finder” video with everything you need to know in one minute.

On this page, you can also find a new member e-brochure that can be form-filled and replaces the old brochure (contact us at to customize it with your local network logo and pre-filled dues amounts). 

National meetings information:
national events page has been updated with up-to-date information about 2020 national events. Note: Midyear Meeting Registration opens on February 12, 2020, at noon CST. A preliminary schedule can be found on the event site. The national meetings archives section has outstanding resources and power points from past meetings.

The Road Ahead in 2020: The WHYs and WHENs

As a new officer, National is here to assist you as a leader in understanding timelines for the road ahead in 2020. All information and resources will be communicated through this newsletter, but here are preliminary key actions and dates (subject to change):

  • Leadership and Identification (LID) process: March-June. This is a comprehensive process that utilizes the various levels of Women’s Council (state, local and national) to identify talent and cultivate future opportunities at the national level and allows for input in all levels of the process.  Our bottom-up structure (click hererelies upon cultivating talent at all levels of the organization and you as a network leader play an important role in this process.  The process and its explanation can be viewed via a 30-minute webinar hereNote that while the webinar is from 2018, the program and its processes remain relatively unchanged.  

  • Affiliation Agreements: February – May.  Affiliation agreements outline the relationship and operating agreement between national, state, and local networks and ensures adherence to the network operating model, a set of minimum standards that all Networks follow in key operating areas to ensure a baseline of member value and experience, and the integrity of the Women’s Council brand. These agreements are distributed to network leaders via jotform during the month of February and they are asked to read, understand, and re-sign the agreement each year.  

  • Contests: February – April.  Contests for the “leaders made here” awards in May are designed to recognize networks of excellence. Stay tuned for the launch of these contests in early February via this newsletter.  

  • State Network Model: May - December.  Last year, the state network model was approved, structured as a set of minimum standards that all State Networks must follow in key operating areas to ensure a baseline of support to local networks, consistency in member value and experience, and the integrity of the Women’s Council brand.  Comprehensive training will be done at the Midyear Meetings in May and are tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 15th.  While the implementation of the model does not take place until 2021, impacts will occur as soon as 2021 elections.  A resource page can be viewed here.