This newsletter is intended for 2020 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

Edition 23 - 2020 | October 6, 2020


Early Bird and Free Gift Offer Ends in 10 Days:
Wealth, Health, Self Power Week & National Conference

On September 29th, an all-member email outlined details on the Women’s Council national conference. A $149 early bird price covers governance meetings, dozens of sessions, networking, and as an added bonus, attendees can attend the inaugural (a $100+ value) along with a free commemorative gift sent to your address on file. But this offer will end on October 15th, when the price goes up to $199 and the bonus gift offer will no longer apply. The conference also includes network training modules as well. All network leaders, please register in the next 10 days and let your members know about this member value opportunity as well!

Never before has a national conference offered so much value at such an accessible price, but the early bird gets the worm and the special offer ends very soon.

Register Now (Early Bird Fee)

New and Expired Members: The Final Stretch


Since we launched our New Member 90-Day Sprint Campaign in mid-August, over 300 new members nationwide have joined Women’s Council! There are less than 30 days left in this program. The tools and details are outlined in the August edition of Roadmap.

  • THE OFFER: Free conference attendance (a $199 value!) for any brand new member who joins Women’s Council, which offsets the cost of dues.  
  • THE DETAILS: Offer ends October 31st. Members must still register for the conference online and the system will recognize them as a new member and the price will be $0.00.  A “new member” is defined as someone who has never joined Women’s Council before (records dating 5+ years), and the conference includes a new member orientation (note, scroll below for an expired member offer).
  • ACTION ITEM: View the recruiting tips and tools from the August Roadmap. Use the conference incentive to attract new members, add in local incentives as well for an added bonus!

2020 EXPIRED MEMBER CAMPAIGN - "We Want You Back!"

The National office is finishing a campaign to recapture expired members. Those whose membership expired from February - August 2020, but have not renewed, are included in the campaign.

  • THE OFFER: A postcard has been mailed by the national office to all relapsed members nationwide, asking them to renew with no penalty or reinstatement fees by October 15th, AND get a special $99 rate for the Power Week & National Conference (a $50 savings). 
  • DETAILS: In the mailed postcard, a special coupon code “RENEW” will recognize that they have renewed (but only for renewing members who actually renew).

  • ACTION ITEM: Consider the conference incentive and promotion with a local offering as well. National can send a customized list to your local network of relapsed members so that you may reach out as well. To obtain a customized list, send an email to with the following information: Your name and network, and in the subject line, put “Relapsed Member List Request” and we’ll send it to you within two business days.