This newsletter is intended for 2021 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

Edition 26 - 2021 | September 13, 2021

Note, this edition of Roadmap is for 2021 network leaders and is being distributed to the six leadership team members who were reported to National.   

September is a Busy Month!
See Reminders & To-Dos.

Officer Reporting Starts September 15th

Local and state bylaws require you to hold elections by September 30th each year. Networks must then report officers no later than October 15th. The reporting process opens up this Wednesday and a Road Map newsletter will be sent with the state and local forms. Networks that do not report officers by October 15th will be out of compliance. Additionally, this is one of the final milestones to obtain the network certification.  

New Member Nudge is a Success!

Women’s Council average daily new member count has increased by 35% since the new member nudge program started on September 1st. This program runs until October 31st and is a great way to give prospective members a “nudge” to join by offering several bonus items never seen before, like complimentary membership through 2021, and easy signup for brand new benefits, like Home Depot ProExtra and the jaw-dropping 12% Ace Hardware discount, which brings a quick ROI on dues. Networks are using the Canva templates to custom-design localized membership drives. Is your network participating in the new member nudge? If not, this is our “nudge” to get started and see the growth in your local network too! Go to the New Member Nudge Webpage for all of the details.

Network Certification Application Deadline is 3 Weeks Away 

Women’s Council Network certification recognizes and rewards the most active local and state networks that achieve five key benchmarks of network excellence and exceeds basic charter requirements per its national affiliation and provides outstanding member service.  Recordings on this opportunity are available by visiting the certification page. The application deadline is October 1, 2021, so you will want to get to work on the program right away. 

Here are some answers to your questions:

  1. How long will it take to fill out the application? Gather your network leaders and do a quick zoom call and start the process. The application time will vary, but it should not be a massive time commitment, it is a self-assessment of your network benchmarks. The biggest challenge is getting started! Note, on the page is both a PDF and a Jotform.  We recommend printing out the PDF first so that you can take notes and do some preliminary work. Please note, Jotform does not allow you to save, be prepared to fill out the application in its entirety.

  2. We have questions. Who can we contact? Reach out to your National Liaison or Jamie Saltman ( We are here to help answer questions you might have and to simplify the process.

  3. Why should we get certified? What’s in it for me? We will recognize and award certified networks in San Diego. Obtaining the national certification is an outstanding recruitment tool and is a benchmark of excellence.

  4. We don’t meet the requirements in 2021, can we try again in 2022? Absolutely! If you don’t meet benchmarks, lay the groundwork now to become certified in 2022. This is an annual program. 

This Week's Virtual Events

Passing the Baton Workshop
TOMORROW - Tuesday, September 14th - 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Central

Women's Council Presidents and President-Elects: are you ready to pass the baton? In September, the clock ticks on the leadership journey. This year, even more so, since officer terms move up to mid-November per the recent bylaws changes (see minutes in below item). 2021 and 2022 teams should attend this 2-hour workshop together. Learning objectives include: ensuring smooth transitions, teamwork, and leadership change management. Leaders will leave the session energized and organized as we reach transition times. This program will be delivered by your 2021 National Liaison Team, and pre-registration is required.  

September is Safety Month
Webinar by National this Wednesday, September 15th at 11:00 am

Join President Pamela Banks and guest speaker Helen Hudson for Taking Charge of Your Own Safety Webinar at 11:00 am this Wednesday. Please promote this important event to your local members!

In 2019, Helen received an Internet lead after having been a REALTOR® for just six months. She scheduled the showing with the potential buyer and met him at the property. She arrived early and immediately felt uncomfortable about the area and safety of the neighborhood. When the buyer arrived, Helen went inside with him to view the property. A few minutes later a truck drove up and two men jumped on the porch of the property. Helen was alone and in a vulnerable situation in a home with three strangers. She realized at that moment, that no one knows where she was or who she was with. Thankfully, nothing happened to her that day but other REALTORS® have not been as lucky.

According to the National Association of Realtors® 2020 Member Safety Report:

  • 23% of REALTORS® have experienced a situation that made them fear for their personal safety or safety of their

  • personal information.

  • 4% of REALTORS® said they had been a victim of a crime while working as a real estate professional.

  • 39% of REALTORS® have met a new or prospective client alone at a secluded location/property.

  • 51% of REALTORS® have hosted an open house alone.

  • 50% of female REALTORS® carry a self-defense weapon or tool.

  • 29% of REALTORS® do not have personal safety protocols in place.

Studies show that nearly 60% of Americans feel some degree of concern for their daily safety, with the number of women reporting such concerns being even higher. As a REALTOR®, Helen advocates for safety and her message is, “we do not have to live our lives in fear. We can reclaim our power.” In this session, she will talk about her experience as a REALTOR® and how she turned a terrifying showing into a lesson in safety. She will also share updated REALTOR® safety facts and tips on how to reclaim your personal safety.