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This newsletter is intended for 2020 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

Edition 4-2020 | February 14, 2020

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Roadmap for Network Leadership.  As a reminder, this communication is sent periodically and is exclusive to local and state network leaders and provides you information, tools, and guidelines to assist in your leadership journey in 2020.  All newsletters are archived here for reference and retrieval.

Renewals Update

Look for Mailed Invoices Next Week in the Mail.  All unpaid members have been mailed invoices to their address on file and should receive by next week.  

3rd Notice Renewals: February 24 Target Date. The third round of invoices will be sent to all unpaid members with a target date of February 24th.  All unpaid members will receive a customized link with a proforma invoice that requires the member to enter a user name and password***.  Note, if a member wishes to receive their customized link or if the message is in their spam folder, just contact (subject line: dues invoice request), and we can re-send the customized link.  
*** Note, the username is the email address on file.  The member may be required to set up a new password.  Dues renewals must be done from a desktop PC and not a mobile device.

Reminder: Generating Reports on Microsites. For any member who has renewed since January 11th, their records are updated in real-time via the “paid through date” column on the network roster.  We are still working on a technical fix for all members who renewed before that date during the existing renewals cycle (between Dec 14th – January 10th).  For the ‘not yet renewed’ report, we are still working on a technical fix for reports to appear in real-time and should have it corrected soon.  In the meantime, we are able to manually generate reports for your network upon request and are happy to assist. Please fill out the attached jotform to request a report. TIP: use the member roster to reach out to members in your network and encourage them to renew.  Repurpose some of the information in this communication, and highlight your local benefits or link them to national benefits.

Reminder on Network Checks. They will be sent next week to Directors of Membership (local) and Presidents (state).  

Microsite Tips

Events in your local market are aggregated onto a master events page which can be accessed here. Members can search for events and filter by state, network and month. This robust feature amplifies your local event and allows members to view events, prices, and register all from one single page, without having to go onto your local microsite. This is another feature designed to amplify your local activities on a larger scale.  

Midyear Meetings and Elections

On Wednesday, registration opened for the May Midyear Meetings in Washington DC. You can view the schedule here. The Midyear Business Meeting (election) will be held Friday, May 15th, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Here is what you need to know as a network leader about this year’s election:

  • Voting delegates include Governing Board members, a delegate from each local network, and certified members-at-large. Delegates shall check-in at the Midyear Meeting prior to the Midyear Business Meeting to be credentialed by the Women’s Council as voting delegates. All members casting votes at the Midyear Business Meeting of the Women’s Council shall be full fee registered attendees at the Women’s Council’s Midyear Meeting.

  • The delegate from the local network. The Local Network Delegate shall be the President in good standing of the Local Network or another member, who shall be an active member in good standing of the same Local Network designated in writing by the President. National will communicate detailed voting delegate information to local Presidents in early April. 

  • Voting details.  Each Governing Board member shall be entitled to cast one vote.  Each Local delegate shall be entitled to cast one vote for the Network’s first 30 **Active members, two votes for 31-60 Active members, three votes for 61-90 Active members and so forth, adding one vote for each 30 Active member increment.  The number of Active members in a Local Network shall be determined by the number of Active members in good standing on March 1 of that year according to the records of the Women’s Council (2 weeks from now). 
    **Active members per the National Bylaws refers to REALTOR and REALTOR-Associate members. National Affiliates are not counted for the weighted vote.

  • Newly elected positions.  This year, in addition to national officers, National Liaisons will be elected for the first time.  Click here for information on this new nationally elected position.  An FAQ, timeline, and other related information to this change can be viewed in an article from eConnect published last April.

2020 Supporting Women of Real Estate Grant

Make sure to pass this information along to your local and state REALTOR® boards and encourage them to apply. 

The National Association of REALTORS® and the Women’s Council of REALTORS® are pleased to announce that they will be offering the Supporting Women of Real Estate Grant again in 2020. This strategic partnership with local and state REALTOR® associations was created to encourage the organization of one-day conferences with a focus on women in real estate. The grant provides local and state REALTOR® associations with the opportunity to receive funding to provide new and innovative programs focused on advancing women in the real estate industry. 


PMN Course Offerings

Looking for Innovative Educational Programing to Provide to Your Members?
Has your Women's Council Network considered offering a Performance Management Network (PMN) Course in 2020? Your Network can benefit from hosting one of these courses, here's how:

1.) Increase your Women's Council presence. Anyone can attend a PMN course. You'll be providing extra value to professionals in your community, with topics such as leadership, negotiating, networking and referrals, personal excellence and business building – There’s bound to be something for everyone. As an added benefit some courses count towards other REALTOR® designations.

2.) Grow your membership and PMN Designation numbers. By offering education that helps your attendees achieve or surpass their business leadership goals, you’ll show them the value of membership in your Network.

3.) Build relationships. Partner with your local/state REALTOR® board, real estate school(s) or other local association(s) to build new connections, reduce costs and broaden your reach.

4.) Position your Network as a "leadership hub". By delivering ongoing education that promotes professional excellence and business tools to help your members build their bottom line, you’ll show your community that you are committed to supporting and promoting your members as leaders in the industry.

5.) Increase revenue. There are many layers to success, making a little extra cash is certainly one of them. Our course provider pricing, partnered with some creative sponsorship and marketing is a great way to ensure your course is successful.

The time is right, so what are you waiting for? Click here to get your course added to the National Calendar or contact us at for more information.