This newsletter is intended for 2021 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

Edition 7 - 2021 | February 16, 2021

Note, this edition of Roadmap is for 2021 network leaders and is being distributed to the six leadership team members who were reported to National.  

Microsite Access

2021 leaders are now reflected on your microsite, as well as the removal of last year’s 2020 officers.  Please see below FAQ sheet on leaders and microsite access.

2021 started six weeks ago.  Why does this take so long?
Local and state bylaws require that state and local networks hold elections in October and that they report leaders to National no later than October 31. The reality is that most networks don’t comply with that date and many don’t report until the first week of the new year. This creates a backlog in the “flip over” of 1,500 officers on the website in early January, which must be done simultaneously.

Who has Admin access to the site?
The officers who appear on the microsite should have Admin access as outlined in Microsite Training On-Demand and the Information Sheet in Network Tools. We are not granting Admin access to individuals who are not official leaders of networks, even if you reported or requested additional Admin access. Note, new 2022 procedures are outlined below.

Why are reported officers not appearing on my microsite?
There may be various reasons why an officer does not appear.  They may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Officer amendments or submissions after February 4th are not reflected and will be changed at a later date (note, they may take 2-4 weeks to appear on the site). If position fields were left unfilled at the time of submission, then nothing will appear.

  • Only submissions that were done through the official submission forms are admissible. We don’t take email or phone requests or other informal officer submission requests such as calls or emails.  

  • Over 60 officers are currently not members of Women’s Council, meaning that membership has lapsed and/or they do not meet officer criteria in the first place per the bylaws (ex, numerous local affiliates and strategic partners at local networks are listed at officers, which makes their submission inadmissible).  We will be in touch with officers who are not current on dues.

I am having Admin issues.  What should I do?
We have tested Admin access and it should be working well. If you are still having issues, we recommend the following:

  • View the training video and Information Sheet

  • Use Admin credentials from a desktop or laptop.

  • Clear browsing history and cache and try to login again with the registered email ID on file.

  • Contact your other leadership team members (who have the same access) and see if they are having similar issues.  If necessary, use their credentials.

What can be done to make this all easier in the future?
It is a highly unusual business practice to provide Admin access to a website for 1,500 leaders and is a very costly and time-consuming effort for all involved. Note to 2021 President-elects: in 2022, Admin access will be restricted to one leader only, who may wish to share login credentials with others who want Admin access. 
While microsite access is currently provided to all leaders in a network, we will be ending this practice, and to prepare for the upcoming 2022 changes we recommend you designate one individual now to be an Admin on the microsite.