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This newsletter is intended for 2020 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

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Edition 8-2020 | March 12, 2020


What is Women's Council Doing About Coronavirus?

With the rapidly changing situation, Women’s Council wanted to keep you abreast of how the organization is dealing with the recent turn of events. As an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®, we are closely aligned with the organization for national guidance, national events, and the operation itself.  Below are FAQs and general resources:

I am seeking guidance as a Network leader on tips on dealing with coronavirus.  Can Women’s Council help? Yes! Our over-arching advice, whether related coronavirus or any other matter, is unchanged in that as a Network leader, ensure that you have a collaborative partnership with your local REALTOR® association so that you can seek guidance. If your local REALTOR® association is canceling events or taking extra precautions, you should consider doing the same, taking into account local factors and situations. NAR has developed a Coronavirus guide for REALTOR® associations. Keep this page bookmarked, as the information is frequently updated and information may become quickly out of date. While many of the guidance in this guide pertains to Realtor® association staff in your local market, it gives good advice regarding events – since Women’s Council organizes 1,500 events annually, we do anticipate that many Networks will postpone or cancel events. You may also want to consider offering electronic meetings, using technology such as Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live, or the various webinar formats. As noted in the Roadmap newsletter earlier this week Women’s Council has offered or will be offering remote training for Network leaders during the next month, using various technology delivery methods. We recommend you do the same so that our member experience is not impacted during this time. As business leaders, together we can adapt quickly to changing situations and serve our members in the industry and in the communities we serve.

What about national meetings? Is Midyear canceled? While some NAR national events have been canceled this month, at this point in time, the Women’s Council Midyear meeting is being scheduled as planned in Washington, DC.  

We will monitor events closely and will await NAR’s decision regarding the meetings. We recommend that you proceed with plans to attend Midyear Meetings, but as with any travel, the situation is fluid and your ticket should be fully refundable and/or with cancellation insurance (check your airline for specifics). In the event of a cancellation, we will work with registered attendees to resolve reimbursement issues.

UPDATE on March 18: Women's Council will no longer be holding a live Midyear meeting. We will be holding a virtual Midyear meeting over the same meeting dates, including sessions, governance meetings, and elections. More information will be posted in the coming days.  

Click here to read NAR's information regarding the meeting change include registration refunds and hotel cancellation information.
For those who have not yet registered yet intend on attending the virtual conference, we'll be in touch soon regarding the revised registration process  

Can the national operation continue to function if events worsen? Yes! The organization is cloud-based and the operation can withstand a scenario whereby remote work situations are necessary. Additionally, both the website and database are fully cloud-based and are fully stabilized, so microsites can continue to operate under any possible changing scenarios (additionally, we are seeking even further enhancements whereby local networks can further automate in the future). While networks typically do not have a physical presence or staff, they should assess their ability to operate in this rapidly changing and evolving situation. Women's Council national leadership has suspended all outreach travel through late March and we'll continue to assess things at that time, so any planned live and in-person meetings at local and state networks are on hold for now.  

As a professional, I am seeking guidance from Women’s Council on tips for dealing with coronavirus as a REALTOR®. Can Women’s Council help? Yes! NAR has developed a Coronavirus Guide for REALTORS® which was distributed via our social media channels earlier this week. Keep this page bookmarked, as the information is frequently updated and the information may become quickly out of date.