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This newsletter is intended for 2020 leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

Edition9-2020 | March 16, 2020


The Social Distancing Tool Kit

Last week, your inbox was filled with dozens (or hundreds!) of messages from organizations communicating how they are dealing with coronavirus. Some organizations such as airlines advised that they cannot answer calls. Other organizations such as restaurants emphasized food safety. Other organizations advised of event cancellations. All advised of staying healthy. But what’s next? This week we all collectively face the new reality of coronavirus being around for some time to come. While the road ahead remains uncertain, Women’s Council remains committed to offering its Roadmap to Network Leaders, handing you a flashlight of tips and tools. While the below list is not comprehensive, it offers some tips, tools, and resources. Remember, Women’s Council has a dedicated Facebook page to network leaders called “Network 360 Year Round” a private group where the 2020 local and state Network Presidents can continue the education and networking that takes place at the Network 360 Leadership Conference year-round. Participants can share best practices, seek advice and answers from peers, plus gain insights and news to enhance their Women's Council Network's value and grow their own professionalism. Sign up and share more tips.

Women's Council Member Finder: your member profile, online referrals, professional networking community, and lead generation --  all in one! (brought to you by Radius)

With in-person events at a standstill, make sure to take advantage of Radius Agent, an important Women’s Council benefit to stay connected with your network and grow your business! The top 3 tools are:

  • Online Community - Connect with Women's Council Members and thousands of other Real Estate professionals in an online national community.
  • Referrals - Exchange referrals with other Women’s Council members using a built-in docusign flow.
  • Enhanced public profile -  Showcase your expertise, personality, and listings on the new Women's Council profiles powered by Radius Agent.

View this 1-minute video and claim your profile today!

Video: The Time is NOW!

Michael Krisa, video wizard at, urges Women’s Council members to “get over your fear of video. Times like this define you as a leader. Step up to the plate and press the play button!”. From simply picking up your phone and recording, to a more sophisticated integrated video email such as, video can be used to both communicate with members and to more effectively communicate with your clients in this age of social distancing. Contact Michael for a free 14-day free trial at, and mention Women’s Council. Mr. Krisa is also working with Women’s Council to roll out a video challenge, a program that went viral with the Council years ago. Stay tuned for announcements!

This infographic outlines key statistics on video and why Women’s Council members should adapt to this technology now in these changing times.  

Facebook Live and Be.Live: Very Social and Easy to Use

If you are reading this newsletter you are either very comfortable with Facebook Live or you need to get started. Click here for a 7-minute video on how to use Facebook Live, or follow the help page on Facebook. has room for you and two guests on screen, the ability to pre-schedule. When your video is live, you can engage with your audience, which makes live video a great way to promote your business. Businesses know how to use video and TV commercials to build stories, create brands, and engage audiences. For a practical example on Be.Live and its applications, make sure and attend Women’s Council Wednesdays at 12 pm CST, which is being done every Wednesday during the month of March. Topics such as membership, events, and governance are covered. The last edition of the road map will direct you to links of archived events on membership and governance, as well as upcoming meetings. Some additional tips from national President-Elect, Pamela Banks: “it will broadcast to a Facebook group, page or personal page or even on YouTube. Best of all, there is a free version that allows for 3 broadcasts per month. For nominal fees, you can do more and add more features”. is an easy, reliable, and simple conference call service. Getting your own number takes minutes to set up. Calls can be recorded as well, and archives stored in your account and customized call links can easily be distributed to those who cannot make the call. It also has screen share and videoconferencing tools. Additional features include hosting up to 1,000 video participants, access switch presenter, remote control and drawing tools. Audio-visual presentations for live broadcasts can be recorded, and it's possible to chat privately or with all participants. While they do offer paid plans with premium features, there is absolutely no requirement to purchase anything at all to host unlimited conference calls or online meetings.

Online Opportunities: Free Learning and Teaching Opportunities

From a Distance: Online Teaching Tips
March 17, 2020, at 2 pm CST

Eight key tips for better webinars, virtual meetings, and online training sessions: How to keep your audience engaged and educated while training online. If you are a broker, manager, educator, or someone who needs to help people get information, join us.  There's no registration or sign-up required, we'll take the first 100 people in the door.  Note: Recording will be available after the session is concluded. Need additional training or help with virtual meetings, content creation, marketing, or project-based consulting? Valerie Garcia is an international speaker, consultant & writer. Her 20+ years in the Real Estate industry lends a deep understanding of what agents, brokers, and brands need to do to succeed. Contact her via

PIVOT: Growing Your Business While Navigating COVID-19
March 25, 2020, at 12 pm CST

GROWING YOUR BUSINESS? NOT CANCELED! Join Amber De La Garza as she shares with you strategies to PIVOT your business during these times so you can create or maintain momentum towards your goals. Register today!

Digital Opportunity! Speaking to Women's Council Members

Women's Council is building education content to offer virtual training to members. The content offered should be compatible with our mission which is "We are a network of successful REALTORS®, advancing women as business leaders in the industry and in the communities we serve".  New, aspiring or seasoned presenters are welcome to participate in this opportunity. We will offer your proposed training and content to all members, as a complimentary member benefit. This is an outstanding opportunity to build your speaking credentials to fellow Council members, which can, in turn, develop into live speaking opportunities at a later date. Please fill out this jotform by Friday, March 20th.

Tips from our Networks

We reached out to Networks via social media and asked them to share ideas on how networks are being run in the age of social distancing.  Here were some of the best answers:

“We had our March Industry event this week- 2020 Health Challenge -We had a lady from the State Department here in Georgia come and update us on the coronavirus which was very informative. We already had the 2020 health challenge planned- with a nutritionist, trainer, etc. So, we continued with that and added the coronavirus, it was a sold-out over 300 plus.” – Traci Denise Fuller, Women’s Council Fayette (GA)

“Networks can quickly pivot and offer uninterrupted value.  Start a virtual business book club with weekly online discussions.  Or, start a mastermind within a network. Better yet, do an online happy hour, grab your drink of choice and have some online conversations!  Networks can make it business as usual in these unusual times” – Sylvia Seabolt, Women's Council National First Vice President

“For strategic partners, if an event is canceled, offer a refund and/or credit towards a future event.  Show them you are in for the long haul and offer flexibility. Recalibrate visibility and value for online events, and adjust levels and pricing accordingly." – Jeff Hornberger, Executive Vice President, Women’s Council of REALTORS® National

“Zoom is arguably one of the best platforms around for its ease of use, with many schools quickly adapting to the platform as schools close. When getting started, be aware that while the basic account is free, it limits each conference to 40 minutes. A pro account is $14.99 per month which includes meetings up to 24 hours in length and is available on a month to month option.” - Chris Pelkola Lee, Women’s Council National Treasurer

“We plan on organizing numerous virtual meetings and events. At the state level, we’ll ask local networks to populate them on their events calendar as well, to keep the events calendar filled up and continue to offer uninterrupted member value in these challenging times” - Eileen Oldroyd, President, Women’s Council California

We will add more tips and tools as they become available.  Share your tips online or send them to us at