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Note: the state network model is effective on January 1, 2021

This page is dedicated to providing you all of the information and resources about the new state network model, approved at the national governing board meeting on November 10, 2019, in San Francisco. 

Background: the WHY

In 2016, the local network model was approved, and in 2018, all networks became fully compliant. Networks have successfully embraced the new model which includes brand standards, streamlined governance, organization nimbleness, and added value for REALTORS®.

Untouched in this process were the state networks and redefining their purpose. A Presidential Advisory Group was convened to study the state model in 2019 and included three live sessions and numerous virtual meetings with various stakeholders to study the proposed transformation of state networks, taking into account the various sizes and unique organizational nuances of the 23 state networks. Throughout the process, it was asked that the model be supportive of local networks, collaborative, flexible, scalable and straightforward.

The result is the proposed state model, structured as a set of minimum standards that all State Networks must follow in key operating areas to ensure a baseline of support to local networks, consistency in member value and experience, and the integrity of the Women’s Council brand. Scalable options are suggested for larger networks to accommodate the difference in capacity. Under the proposal, state leaders are free to operate above these standards based on the needs and desires of local networks and members, but must at a minimum meet each standard as a baseline of operation. Guidelines are also provided for states without networks.

  • FAQ Sheet will further address the “whys” behind this model.  
  • Click to enlarge fact sheet.
  • A one-hour Zoom call held in fall 2019 outlines the rationale and addresses questions from state network leaders.
  • A one-hour Zoom call held in March discusses what needs to be done in Spring 2020 to transition to the model.  Important information about the appointment of state liaisons is included.  

Resources and Key Documents

The Model 

An accompanying powerpoint also outlines the model and provides an overview.

State Liaison/National Liaison Fact Sheet

2022 State Liaison Reporting Form

State Liaison Application & Resume

State Partnership Levels

2021 State Leadership Reporting Form

State Network Model Bylaws
The state model bylaws, standard for each state, will go into effect on January 1, 2021. 

State Strategic Planning Guide

State Event Planning Guide

Budget & Finance Description

Confidentiality Agreement

Leadership Identification & Development Committee Description

Past President Advisory Committee

Outline for Local Planning Retreat

Local Network Support Tool

State Network Communications Tool

State Leadership Orientation and Development Events Tool

Building a Productive State Network-State Association Relationship Tip Sheet


Leadership & State Networks

Job Descriptions      Oversight Responsibilities