The WealthWave for Women in Real Estate

April 19, 2018

Women in real estate help people make, what is likely, the largest investment of their lives, but most of us aren’t good with our own finances. That’s not surprising, considering 43 percent of all Americans can’t answer even the most basic money questions.


In this eye-opening presentation you will learn:

• how money really works from the ground up

• how to begin building wealth, no matter your circumstances

• how having financial literacy can help you better serve your clients


Change your literacy, change your life!


Presenter, Gretchen Ricker has been teaching financial literacy and has been a real estate broker for nearly three decades. As a licensed financial advisor, she was featured on the cover of Proactive Advisor Magazine for helping under-served communities. Gretchen is passionate about helping people realize their dreams by erasing the financial glass ceiling that keeps them from achieving their goals.

Location Details:

Sacramento Association of REALTORS®
2003 Howe Avenue
Sacramento,  California  95825 

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