The Women’s Council of REALTORS® Sacramento Network Welcomes You! 



We are a network of successful REALTORS®, advancing women as business leaders
in the industry and in the communities we serve.



I am humbled, truly, by the responsibility, the opportunity, and the privilege of serving theWomen’s Council of REALTORS® Sacramento as it’s President. I approach the duties of Office with enthusiasm and a distinct vision of what Women’s Council of REALTORS® Sacramento could be, what it should be;and my mission is to be a value-add in bringing my vision for this esteemed organization into the light and making it reality. Being candid, I am concerned about the present state of Women’s Council of REALTORS® Sacramento. Certainly, COVID as well as the most recent economic downturn factor significantly in that present state, however these issues have moved into our rear-view. As markets rebound and recover, so too should our organization. My vision requires a focused effort to restrengthen our organization. My vision incorporates each of the pillars I hold dear to create a newly reinvigorated Sacramento Council.

I. Diversity - Certainly, we should look like the community we serve. In my vision, young
women are inspired by Women’s Council of REALTORS® Sacramento. That can only
happen when the source of inspiration is a true reflection.

II. Inclusion – I understand that it is only through equity and inclusion that real
empowerment can occur. Empowering its members to be leaders in their chosen fields
is a tenet of WCR overall.

III. Growth – Our ranks have diminished. It is my vision that we grow this organization
upon these pillars of strength, thus reinvigorating the very lifeblood of Women’s Council
of REALTORS® Sacramento with the new energy of a diverse and empowered

IV. Power in the Community – In my vision, a diverse and empowered Membership can
wield real power in the community. Not the power of politics, the power of service. A
broad and diverse Women’s Council of REALTORS® Sacramento will serve a greater
swath of the community and make all within the community feel included and inspired.
Greater reach affords us greater resources, leverage and ultimately, success.

So, as I accept the role of President for 2024/25, I ask that you join me, work with us to ensure this vision is realized thus ensuring Women’s Council of REALTORS® Sacramento is everything it should be.

Thank you.

Sylviana Russell, President
Women’s Council of REALTORS® Sacramento
2024 Interim / 2025 Elected


Our network’s membership is composed of successful REALTORS®,
including brokers, sales agents, supportive affiliate partners and spectacular Strategic Partners.
Our network embraces diversity and inclusivity, extending a warm welcome to all.



We present the latest industry discussions and highlight trending keynote speakers in our events.
The majority of our gatherings take place on the third Thursday of each month.




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