Women's Council of Realtors 2024

When I began participating in the Women’s Council of Realtors, I had no idea the Leadership opportunities that would be presented to me. Many of the women leaders in the Real Estate industry launched their leadership journeys in the Women’s Council.


At my installation, the tradition of ‘passing the gavel’ from past presidents to the new president occurred. Charmaine Hickey, 2023, Past State President of Florida Women’s Council, asked each Past President to provide 1 or 2 words they would bestow on me as the 2024 President.  


To this day, I still refer back to that video and reflect on their wisdom:

Education, Sense of Humor, Inspire / Lead, Each one, bring one, Attitude is infectious. Patience, Protocol, Advocacy. Passionate and Kindness


As I fulfill my role as President of the Tampa Network, I am privileged to interact with some of the many leaders in our Industry. One common theme is “My leadership journey started in the Women’s Council.” It has become very clear to me that the Women’s Council was a launchpad for others' leadership journeys, where they developed many skills, protocols, opportunities for accountability at a whole new level, collaboration, courage, communication, flexibility, and focus, to name a few.


Our current Florida Realtors President, Gia Arvin, talked about exactly this in her Installation speech—how her leadership journey started in the Women’s Council. This resonated with me, and I began to do some research to understand our industry leaders and how the Women’s Council played a part in their journey.  


The list of women is impressive and by no means all-inclusive! Nor does it list all their leadership positions over the years. It is meant to give you an idea of the role the Women’s Council of Realtors has played in the growth of so many leaders.  Many of these women are continuing to lead and serve our industry at a local, state, and national level. (They are in order of last name)


** Identifies leaders are/have been members of the Women’s Council of Realtors Tampa Network


Gia Arvin – 2024 Florida Realtors President

Pamela Banks – 2021 National Women’s Council Past President

Paige Brewer – 2024 National Liaison

Mari Colgan** – Greater Tampa Realtors Past President

Ann DeFries – 2008 National Women’s Council Past President

Jo Easton** – Greater Tampa Realtors Past President

Brenda Ghibaudi** – 2004 National Women’s Council Past President

Barry Grooms** – 2020 Florida Realtors Past President

Cyndee Hayden** – 2025 Candidate for Florida Realtors Secretary

Charmaine Hickey – 2024 State Liaison

Barbara Jordan** – Greater Tampa Realtors Past President

Ellie Lambert** – Greater Tampa Realtors Past President

Susana Madden** – 2006 Florida Women’s Council Past President

Mary McCall** – Greater Tampa Realtors Past President

Christina Pappas – 2022 Florida Realtors Past President

Nancy Riley – 2007 Florida Realtors Past President

Mindy Rovillo** – 2024 Florida Women’s Council District Vice President

Katherine Sakkis** – 2024 Florida Women’s Council Treasurer

Amy Snook – 2021 Florida Women’s Council Past President


I am humbled and have learned from their experience.


Over the next several weeks, you will receive communications about 2025 leadership opportunities. I encourage you to launch and develop your leadership journey by stepping up to serve.


Warm Regards,

Liz Welch

2024 President

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Calendar At A Glance - 2024



9-10:  American Realtor Days

17-21:  WCR / FR Mid-Winter Conference - Orlando

24:  Pillars to Success - Navigating the Noise of the Real

Estate Legal Landscape



1-2:  Elevate Virtual Conference

8:  Lunch & Learn - Legal Impact on Buyer Eligibility



8:  International Women's Day

19:  Lunch & Learn - Presenting your Value

23:  Give Back Day



10:  Probate Class

23:  Pillars to Success - Fair Housing



7-9:  WCR / NAR Conference, Washington DC

16:  Lunch & Learn - Insurance & Roofing Panel



6:  Lunch & Learn - Property Management

14:  Women in Real Estate (WIRE) Conference - Ocala

20:  Lunch & Learn - Selling Condos



10:  Pillars to Success - Leaders That Influence

24:  Lunch & Learn - Branding Yourself



6:  Lunch & Learn - Managing your Mindset / Value of Vacations

14-16:  Network 360 - Chicago

19-22:  WCR / FR Conference - Orlando



12:  Lunch & Learn - Realtor Safety

24:  Lunch & Learn - Top Producers Panel



10:  Pillars to Success - Commercial Landscape

22:  Lunch & Learn - Commercial



6-10:  WCR / NAR Conference - Boston

14:  2025 Women's Council of Realtor's Tampa Board Installation

21:  Wine & Cheese / Networking & Vision Board



5:  Holiday Party & Strategic Partner Appreciation

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