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A “Hidden Gem” is an idiom which refers to something or SOMEONE which is extremely outstanding and not many people know about it. Along my journey, I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing women and men who have shared their passions, talents, interests, hobbies and goals with me which I would have not otherwise known. There are many real estate professionals who currently are leaders within our industry who are shining brightly as they serve at the local, state, national levels. 

We are a network of successful REALTORS®, advancing women as business leaders in the industry and in the communities we serve. 

As we embark on 2019, it is my goal to share my journey and what Women’s Council of Realtors has meant to me to as many “Hidden Gems” as I can in an effort to see them Shine Brightly in their endeavors. I am honored to serve as the 2019 President for the Chicago Network and blessed to work alongside some of the most phenomenal professionals Chicago has to offer. 

Join us this year as we embark on new and exciting possibilities and allow the Council to take you personally and professionally to the next level!

Tracey B Williams
Chicago President

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