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New Orleans Metropolitan

Women's Council of Realtors has been a leading organization for cultivating leaders in our business and community for over 80 years.  It is my pleasure to serve as your 2020 President.  

The organization's focus on education and business development is evident in our members being the leaders in the real estate industry.  I am open to any conversation on the benefits and history of this organization.  I look forward to another successful year!  

Jodi Archer
2020 President, New Orleans Metropolitan 



The leadership of the Women's Council of Realtors® encourage you, as a Member or National Affiliate, to submit your name as a candidate for the Governing Board or Committee Member. Your involvement is invited and appreciated.
We are also looking for Members or National Affiliates to serve on the Nominating Committee.
If you are interested in serving on the Nominating Committee, Governing Board or other Committees, please contact Jodi Archer at 504.301.6100 or

Renew Your Membership 

Realtor Members: Realtors, who are members of NOMAR and National Affiliates can log in to to renew their Women's Council memberships online. Dues are $164.

Reminder: Membership belongs to the individual member not the company s/he works for with respects to employment.

Questions? Feel free to email Kiley Martin, Membership Director, Thank you! 


OUR 2020 Strategic Partners

We are extremely honored that these Strategic Partners are apart of our network!  Our organization would not be where it is without these partners who support us year after year.  


GOLD LEVEL: New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors (NOMAR)

BRONZE LEVEL: Standard Mortgage, Southern Title, House Call, Dietz Appraisal, Delta Title

COPPER LEVEL: Haley Groetsch, Lincoln Duhon, TIffany Nuccio, Ramona Sanders, Laura Ferrera, Gabrielle Prange, Ashleigh Tuozzollo, Stephanie Turnage

Strategic Partners:  Strategic Partners include individuals who are engaged in a profession such as but not limited to real estate finance, home inspection, home staging and unlicensed clerical and who are not required to hold membership in a local association of REALTORS®. Strategic Partners may not be REALTORS® or licensees engaged in brokerage, rental, management or appraisal of real estate property or in real estate counseling. 

Partnership Opportunities exist for all levels!  Our Strategic Partnership Packet is under DOCUMENTS.  You may pay online (convenience fees do apply) here or by check, payable to N.O. Metropolitan Chapter Women's Council or Realtors, Inc., sent with completed application to:


Attn: Women's Council Membership

3645 N. I-10 Service Road West

Metairie, LA 70002    

If your employer requires an invoice for payment, download it here.   

Reminder: Membership belongs to the individual member not the company s/he works for with respects to employment.

Questions? Feel free to email Stephanie Morris, President-Elect, Thank you! 

Meet the Leadership Team

Strategic Partners