As your 2023 Missouri Women’s Council of REALTORS® President, I am excited to share this journey with you.  And it is an amazing journey.  One that has not only provided me endless opportunities to grow my business, it has also provided education, leadership development and priceless friendships.  Friendships and business relationships that are built on common core values of Women’s Council.

The Women's’ Council Core Values are: Professional Credibility,  The Power of Collaboration, Leadership, Influence, and Opportunity. While all of these are meaningful, The Power of Collaboration is one that stands out most to me. After all, positive, productive collaboration is the pillar of much that we do, not just in business, but our personal lives too. Collaboration is the process of two or more people, working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. Isn’t the goal of Women’s Council to create opportunities, influence others, be credible in our profession and not only lead but seek out other leaders?

I’m thankful for this opportunity to lead this amazing group of of professionals through the next year and I’m excited to see what it brings. As we navigate 2023 together,  let’s continue to implement those values in all that we do. Collaborate, seek and provide opportunities for others, be a positive influence and always lead with your heart.


Embrace the Journey~

Terri Gilgour

2023 President Missouri Women's Council of REALTORS®


Questions? Reach out at mowcrleaders@gmail.com.

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