Blue Ridge

It is an absolute honor to serve as your 2024 Women's Council of REALTORS® Blue Ridge President. After coming out of just 1 year as a new member, and accepting the responsibilities as your 2023 President-Elect, you could say that I was completely overwhelmed with the tasks, time commitment, and expectations of the role. There aren't too many individuals who choose to take on a part-time job without being paid--but that's what our board did, and that's what our 2024 board is doing as well. What I have learned over the past year is that when you have a group of successful individuals come together, they form a team. And when a team works in unison to accomplish a shared goal, it's not "work" anymore. It's fun, exciting, and completely rewarding. I am so excited and thankful for my 2024 Board for joining me this year to continue our network's successful legacy. So many amazing REALTORS® have come before me as leaders in Women's Council Blue Ridge, and have gone on to be leaders in our local and state associations, our local communities, and in their careers.

This year, we have set our goals high for membership, Strategic Partnership, and fundraising by focusing on those who make this network possible--our members and strategic partners! We are looking forward to year full of opportunities for networking, learning, and leadership building. 

We can't wait to see you at our events!



Ivy Haines

2024 President

Here at the Women's Council, we strive to provide timely, accessible programming, great networking and opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

Women's Council members send and receive referrals with confidence, knowing that their values are shared when it comes to providing outstanding service to their clients.

We encourage members to get involved, because we know that participation translates to personal growth and leadership development. We meet you where you are in your skill development and take you to the next level.

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