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I am so excited to represent the State of Wisconsin Women's Council of Realtors!  

Women's Council has connected me with other Realtors and Strategic Partners all over the country that have developed into some great friendships and business partnerships!

This organization has brought me out of my shell in regards to public speaking, self-confidence, leadership skills and unprecedented learning opportunities! 

I hope that you too will see the value I have found in this organization which is all about promoting women in leadership in an industry dominated by women! We are here to empower you to be the best agent you can be!

If you aren't already a member - I encourage you to reach out to any of the local or state leadership (or even another member you know) and get involved! 

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Bernie Weiss-Rhodes, PMN, PSA

Wisconsin State President 2019 - 2020

Women's Council Vision

1.We facilitate the professional growth and credibility of Council members as real estate experts in their marketplace.

2.We are a dynamic, accessible and diverse network, linking resources and member expertise to drive business success.

3.We identify, support and promote strong leaders in business, the Council, the industry, and in the broader community.

4.We promote the achievement and influence of women in real estate.

5.We are a magnet for career-focused REALTORS® with diverse backgrounds and a high level of professionalism.

6.We are sought after by other organizations as a source of leadership development and the businesswoman's perspective.

7.We are strong local and state networks that consistently deliver value and provide a collaborative, trusted, welcoming environment in which members can achieve their business goals.

8.We are a strong organization with the resources and infrastructure necessary to fulfill our mission and realize our vision.

We also partner with our state and local associations:


Strategic Partners