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The Performance Management Network's suite of professional performance training courses is taught by recognized experts who dig deep into the hot topics that are driving the marketplace and shaping your business. The following courses are recognized for credit toward the PMN designation.

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The Business of Your Business: Formula, Financials, Function & Freedom 

This course will teach you how to think about the business of your business and make it more profitable and you more successful. You'll learn strategies for systemizing your business, as well as fundamentals for improving your bottom-line and achieving your financial goals. Learn the how's and why's of staffing, how to develop an actionable business plan and why your role should be that of a CEO working on the business versus an employee working in it.

Achieving Balanced Well-Being

Most people have things they desire or qualities they want to possess – unfulfilled dreams, personal and professional goals. The challenge for most of us is how to grow, how to get what we want, how to achieve on a consistent basis. One question we want to ask is, “What is holding me back?” It turns out that a lot of our success, our growth as human beings, has to do with the way we think – OUR MINDSET.

Cost:  $199.00 (This special Women's Council price is a $200 savings off of the retail price of $399.)
NOTE: Please use the special "Women's Council Discount Code: Accelerate” when checking out to adjust the price.

This in-depth online program brought to you by The Pacific Institute, is an 18-hour training module, that you can complete at your own pace within 3 months.

Certified Virtual/Social Leader

We know you’re already a leader, but now it’s time to kick it up a notch!  If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that adapting and evolving in the virtual world is key to success. This course (and the only certificate of its kind), will hone your online leadership skills so that you can be as an effective leader online as you are in person. Students will receive PMN curriculum credit and a digital certificate/badge upon completion.

Cultivating Confidence with Powerful Presentations 

This is it - we’re giving you the tools you need to comfortably step up and step out into your leadership role with confidence, clarity and conviction. Learn the value of a powerful presentation, how to perfect your stage presence and create noteworthy moments all while incorporating your personal style. Gain tips to structure your presentations, turn that anxiety into energy, encourage/motivate others to act and close that deal. 

Effective Negotiating for Real Estate Professionals 

This course will give you tools and tactics to improve your effectiveness in any negotiation to consistently facilitate the best outcomes for your clients, even under pressure. You'll discover and practice techniques for client counseling and advocacy, as well as the art of influence and persuasion. In addition to the principles and phases of effective negotiation, topics include dealing with deadlock and difficult negotiators, multi-party negotiations, cultural influences and the role of electronics in today’s connected world. Also counts as an ABR elective.

Leadership Excellence

What does it take to become a highly effective leader? This engaging and interactive course focuses on proven leadership principles and practices: leading through adversity and conflict, empowering teams and understanding and working effectively with different personalities from a leadership perspective. You'll also gain new understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence and its role in successful leadership. This course will help you uncover your own leadership strengths and then develop a personalized plan of next-level action.

Networking and Referrals: Building Business and Profit

Build your business and increase your revenue by learning to utilize your networking and referral skills more effectively. This interactive course will teach you the best techniques for gathering referrals, leveraging your spheres of influence and uncovering new networking opportunities. You'll develop a sustainable networking and referrals road map and learn to think more strategically about the referrals process as a tool for boosting your bottom line. Learn the latest tools and techniques for success and walk away with actionable ideas to immediately implement into your business as well as the confidence to make those new connections. Also counts as an ABR elective.

PMN Pop Up Course

This is not your typical course with lectures and handouts, but rather an innovative, interactive and fast-paced learning experience focused on the current trends and topics you need now for your business. Most of these offerings are one-time-only events, so make sure to register for our latest offering!

Special Note

In lieu of one class, you may complete the following diversity requirements.

Diversity Bundle (counts as one course credit)