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Women's Council At a Glance

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Overview and Fast Facts of the Women's Council

  • Total Current Members: 9,800

  • Year founded: 1938

  • Staff: 8

  • National Dues: $140 Annually

  • Local & State Networks combined: 249

  • Percentage of members who are male: 10

  • Number of Performance Management Network designees: 1,200

Fact Sheet

2020 Annual Report

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Women's Council Members Earn More

  • Average Women's Council member's income from real estate: $134,470
  • Median Women's Council member's income from real estate: $87,690
  • Average transaction volume of a Women's Council member: $8.5 Million

  • Sales Volume Median among Women's Council: $3.6 Million

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Women's Council Members Do Referrals

  • Average commission income from Council member-to-member referrals: $15,000
  • Percentage of members who referred business to another member annually: 54%
  • #1 reason cited for doing Women's Council member-to-member referrals: "Council membership means a high-level business leader who will follow through on client needs."

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Women's Council Members are Business Leaders

  • 70% of members agree that "As a result of my involvement in Women's Council, I have become a stronger leader and developed advanced leadership skills for my business, community and personal life."
  • Members who report being leaders in their local community: 65%
  • Percent of NAR Board of Directors who hold membership in Women's Council: 19% (152 out of 820)
  • Percent of NAR Committee slots held by Women's Council members: 11% (400 out of 3,800)

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Women's Council Members Proudly Invest in the Industry

  • Women's Council participation rate in RPAC is the highest in the REALTOR family at 58% (versus 33% for all REALTORS®)
  • Total annual investment of Women's Council members: $2.81 Million
  • President's Circle members who are Women's Council members: 416 
  • Major investors who are Women's Council members: 1,552
  • Women's Council of REALTORS® is a proud contributor and founding member of The REALTOR® Party Corporate Ally Program.

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Women's Council Members Value Their Membership

Percentage of Members Who Report...

  • "Belonging to Women's Council gives you a sense of professional pride and satisfaction." (95%)
  • "Women's Council membership provides you with skills and information to deal with a changing business environment." (93%)

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