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Tech Talk: Stop Settling For Less

by Amber De La Garza

Everyone’s been talking about the new iPhone 11 coming out this year. With all the crazy hype surrounding it, you’d think it could perform miracles or at least clean your fridge. I mean, it’s just a phone, right? Yes and no. It doesn’t matter if you use an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or one of those phones no one’s ever heard of. When you use a smartphone, you’re using a wicked piece of technology that can do everything from call Thailand to turn off your oven. More importantly for real estate professionals, you can make calls, reply to emails, access your task list, browse the MLS, add meetings to your calendar, and FaceTime clients all on the go without being tied down to a desk.

Smartphones have changed the way we do business in the past couple of decades, possibly more than any other invention. Quite simply, they increase our efficiency and ability to maximize our time, which is a great thing. What’s important though, is keeping up with their ever-changing technology so you can utilize their innovative features to a profitable advantage. And I’m not suggesting you buy a new smartphone every year just because it has a cool update like wireless earbud charging capabilities. I’m just encouraging you to audit your technology, not only your smartphone, to determine what may be worth upgrading.

Let’s go back to what propelled me to get a new smartphone awhile back. It wasn’t just on its last leg; it no longer had any legs. It was unbearably slow, overworked, and out of memory. Even though I desperately needed a new one stat, I put off the purchase for a long time because I dreaded the idea of starting all over with a new phone. I had numerous (now looking back, irrational) thoughts holding me back from making the necessary upgrade to my phone and therefore my business. Would I lose pictures? Apps? Videos? Would I like the new phone? How long would it take to reconfigure all my preferred settings? And most embarrassing to admit, I had serious separation anxiety thinking about some tech guy named Howard wiping my old phone clean before setting up my new phone. So, I waited, and I waited, while my poor, pitiful phone puttered along, gasping for its fleeting, last breaths.

The day inevitably came when I could no longer deal with my slow-as-a-snail phone. I wanted to throw it across the room every time I used it. I decided to stop settling for less and upgraded to the latest model. Say what?! I absolutely loved it from the minute Howard handed it over to me. The transition was much simpler than I had feared. Seamless even. What made me even happier than my awesome, new phone with its super speed, untapped memory, longer battery life, and exciting features, however, was that one decision to buy a new smartphone acted as a catalyst, initiating a domino effect of upgrades in my business. Once I had a taste of what was possible, I could no longer deny the truth - my standards were way too low and my business and clients deserved better. I realized how settling for less had affected my efficiency and I immediately became a woman on a mission to not settle again in my business.

Shortly after upgrading my phone, I upgraded my desktop, operating system on my laptop, internet speed, and a few other small but really cool office gadgets. Sure, implementing those changes on top of my routine made me a tad crazy for two weeks but the lasting effects on my business made the effort worthwhile. So, have you been settling for less when it comes to the technology you use in your business? Could you benefit from a faster printer, digital calendar, dual monitors, social media automation, or a new smartphone? Maybe just a stapler that doesn’t get jammed every other time you use it?

Settling for less will never help you achieve your production goals because it slows you down. To work fast you must work smart. Stop allowing outdated technology to co-exist in your business. Maximize your efficiency and maintain your sanity by being proactive about upgrading your technology when needed. Get started by auditing your technology, creating a budget for necessary items, then upgrading your technology one gadget at a time in priority order of which will provide the greatest return. Settling for less in your business costs time, energy, money, lost opportunities, and clients. Stop putting off what you can change for the better today. Amazon, Office Depot, and Best Buy are only a click away.

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About the Contributor

Amber De La Garza is The Productivity Specialist! Amber is a sought-after coachtrainerspeakerwriter, host of the Productivity Straight Talk podcast, and creator of S.T.O.P.! The Entrepreneur’s Success Solution. She helps driven real estate professionals execute actionable solutions to maximize profits, reduce stress, and make time for what matters most!