A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - So What is a Video Worth?

by John F. Lally


‘A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words’ - an old adage that most, if not all of us, have heard before. Simply put, why take the time to explain something to somebody when the visual of that something can explain it for you?

Well, over the last fifteen years that I have spent in sales and real estate marketing, I have learned that there are several reasons to use the spoken word in conjunction with your professionally produced visuals. The following is the first and by far the most important reason: Trust. Taking a few moments to verbally detail a listing’s attributes while sharing visuals of the listing, will not only build interest from any and all prospective buyers but will also build their trust in you and in your property knowledge. The key to any good relationship: Trust.

The second reason: Rapport. While sharing information about a listing in a friendly yet concise manner, a rapport begins to build between the parties involved. The give and take of information through a question and answer conversation will put the buyer at ease with you, as well as the buying process. This rapport leads back to...you guessed it: Trust

The third reason that painting a word picture in conjunction with your listing visuals is important: Perspective. People simply see things differently. There are several reasons for this truth such as a person’s past experiences, creative flair and/or a lack of knowledge as to what they are actually seeing - quartz vs granite, travertine vs ceramic, etc etc. Using the spoken word to explain to a buyer what it is that they are seeing will help lead them to see what you are selling.

Thankfully we live and work in an age that allows us to use the artistry of images in conjunction with the persuasiveness of the spoken word. This sales-forward magic elixir can be summed up in one word: VIDEO

The production and use of on-screen video tours allows real estate professionals (such as yourself) to show enthusiasm, put their knowledge of the listing on full display, and perhaps most importantly, give the viewers a sense of who they are as a person. After all, people want to do business with people they like.

In working with and speaking to a vast array of Realtors over the years, I have learned that there are five types of people when it comes to being on camera. The top three are:

1) Willing And Reasonably Comfortable With A Very Limited Amount Of Production Knowledge
2) Willing And Somewhat Comfortable But Not Quite Sure How To Get Started
3) OMG, No Way!  

Luckily there are solutions for each of these categories.

Category #1: Hire a consultant. Often times a person knowledgeable in the field of real estate video marketing can be contracted to consult on your first few property listing videos for a reasonable amount of money. The price point will vary depending on what you are trying to achieve, but once you have it down pat, you can carry that knowledge forward without the need for further consultation.

Category #2: A question and answer interview video. This can be a pre-recorded video where a real estate video marketing professional who is comfortable with being on camera can ask you, the listing broker (who is also on camera, but not alone), some pre-determined questions about the listing you are featuring. While you are sharing your answer to the question, the video producer can put your listing photos on the screen so that the viewer can see what is being described while listening to you share your knowledge of the property. Having a second person on screen can and will ease the tension of producing a video. When you become even more comfortable with the question and answer interview style of showcasing a property, the use of Livestream video (which packs a more powerful punch) can be employed to grab the attention of thousands of viewers in a small amount of time.

Below are a couple samples of videos produced in the widely accepted Category #2 range - You'll find that these offer the greatest amount of upside for easing anxiety, building sales numbers, and bolstering the Realtor’s brand. Each listing streamed live on Facebook, posted on several different pages, reached thousands of people, were shared dozens of times, and received multiple inquiries....that’s the power of unique, enthusiastic video marketing.

Category#3: Hire an on-screen spokesperson. Short video clips presented by an articulate and enthusiastic spokesperson reading a script or answering questions on your behalf can and will garner results over time. This person does not have to be a professional actor but does need to be somebody who is confident and reliable, as you will want to use the same person each time.

Category #4: Go All In. This example is for those who find themselves very comfortable on camera and are ready to "Go All In"!

Category #5: The last category of real estate video marketing is the self-produced walkthrough using a mobile device of some sort. This can be a useful marketing tool for real estate professionals who take the time to practice, practice, practice. The writing and memorization of a short script is key as you will want to deliver your message without any ‘uhs’ or ‘umms’. Before producing anything for a client’s listing, practice, and hone your production skills by producing several walkthroughs of your home, a friend's home and/or a relative's home. As a person that is passionate about content creation, production quality, sales numbers, and brand, I would ask that you always put forth the quality that your client deserves and expects.

Please remember, There Is No Substitute For Quality!

About the Contributor

John F. Lally is a marketing professional and creative content specialist. John works in direct sales for a global hotel chain, offers consulting services in leadership skills and marketing strategies & produces a weekly entrepreneurial livestream named AE WheelHouse. With guests ranging from small business owners to c-suite executives and entrepreneurial juggernauts, John is often leading discussions related to business and marketing strategies that global companies use to great success and he enjoys customizing and sharing those strategies with his clients.