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Be the Solution 

Sponsored Content by National Strategic Partner, Exit Realty
By Tami Bonnell, CEO, EXIT Realty Corp. International

Agents move from one real estate brokerage to another because of their circumstances and the same is true of people who move from one home to another. The physical distancing that came about because of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a lot of people working from home, and early reports indicate that over 40% of them will be able to continue to telecommute even after physical distancing is no longer required.  This change in their circumstances has opened the door for many people to consider a change in their living situation. Maybe now they can move out of the city to the country or afford a home because they don’t have to live so close to the office. They have choices and you can be the solution. 

Even though the news media may report economic uncertainty, business is still being done, especially in real estate, because people need housing. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity to have a roof over your head. So as an astute real estate professional, pay attention to how people’s circumstances are changing, stay ahead of the curve on where those opportunities are and constantly educate yourself accordingly.

Of course, the pandemic isn’t the only impetus for people to move.  They’re moving because of the fires in California and the rising water levels in other areas of the country.  Some people are moving because they have been impacted so many times by storms they don’t want to rebuild again. Personal circumstances change, too.  They’ve added to their family or become empty nesters. Perhaps they have the opportunity to live the life of their dreams on the water or in the mountains. How do these shifts translate into opportunities for real estate professionals?

If you’re farming first time homebuyers, participating in a Freddie Mac CreditSmart® initiative might be right for you.  There are many areas with a high percentage of credit invisible people, and it could be that your educating them is all it takes to set them on the path to homeownership.  Maybe you serve an area impacted by natural or manmade disasters.  Then it might make sense to become a Crisis Knowledge Management Advisor through CKM Solutions Group. Are the demographics in your area changing to include more seniors? Perhaps obtaining your SRES® designation (Seniors Real Estate Specialist®) makes sense. Take full advantage of the education and networking opportunities offered by Women’s Council of REALTORS® at both a national and local level.

Imagine if you followed up on just one of these initiatives and you became the solution for your clients. Would that add value to an entire community? Would that give you an opportunity to do business with more people?  Value = Income. 

Beef up your education, but before you take a class or sign up for a certification, consider what brings you happiness and fulfillment. What are those activities that help other people and not only help you to make a living, but also bring out the most and the best in you? What do you really enjoy?  What are you doing when you feel you really own the day?  This is the experience economy – what do you want your clients to experience when they deal with you?  It has been said that we spend 20% of our time getting 80% of our results. Figure out what you do during that 20% time and plan for more of it. People follow leaders who are growing, so utilizing education that enhances both your business and personal fulfillment is a win/win.