North Shore

Terry Watson

December 14, 2017

I NEED MY MOJO BACK Top 1% Realtors are succeeding. What are they doing that I am not? Is my focus all wrong? For the first time in history, we listed properties and did not get ANY showings. What is that about? Low sales for properties over $800,000. Have we been pricing homes too high? Did all of the buyers leave Illinois. Terry coaches multi-million dollar agents across the nation so come see what ideas he has to include in your business. Top Realtors SOLD more...What did they do? DECEMBER 2017 14 SUNSET RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB 2100 SUNSET RIDGE NORTHFIELD, IL 11:30 NETWORKING NOON LUNCH CLICK TO REGISTER HERE ON EVENTBRITE $40 for members and guest LIKE US AND SHARE US ON FACEBOOK VISIT WOMEN'S COUNCIL NS WEBPAGE "The views expressed at WCR events are made in an individual capacity and do not necessarily reflect those of WCR, WCR North Shore or any of its affiliates. WCR, WCR North Shore nor or any of its affiliates assumes any responsibility or liability of any use which may be made of any views expressed here. " A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR WONDERFUL SPONSORS: BRIAN JESSEN Image result for GUARANTEED RATE AND JEFF LASKY Image result for mred CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2018 WOMEN'S COUNCIL OF REALTORS NORTH SHORE BOARD JULIE MALMED, PRESIDENT AZAM ROOHANI, PRES. ELECT MARK NEWTON, SECRETARY MICHAEL GORDON, TREASURER LYNN WENDT, PAST PRESIDENT JULIE MCWILLIAMS, VP MEMBERSHIP

Location Details:

Sunset Ridge County Club.
2100 Sunset Ridge Roas
Northfield ,  Illinois


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