Greater Louisville

Meet Judy LaFeur

November 15, 2018

Join us, and learn!  Did you know?

Women's Council of Realtors, Greater Louisville invites you to meet and hear this dynamic international speaker, Judy LaDeur, aka - Analyticial Mind.  Grow your career with the information Judy will share, all that take this opportunity to meet her at our luncheon, will definitely leave ready to take her insights to enhance their careers! 

The #1 Reason That Most Agents Lose Business Opportunities is a Failure to Communicate in The Correct Language
Top Producers know HOW each client will make their decision, and you should too!
Most of us have our own “style” which we use when working with buyers and sellers. However there are four distinct types of personalities and each one bases their decision on different criteria, and looks for different qualities in an agent. Some clients will want the facts, while others need to feel good when you are there. Some want small talk, but it annoys others!  When you present the same way to every client, you are guaranteed to lose business, based on one simple fact. A failure to communicate in a language that they understand.
Those who attend this program will learn:
  • How to determine if the client is a logical or an emotional decision maker.
  • How each buyer or seller makes their decisions and how to interact with your clients and customers more successfully.
  • What does each behavior style need before they will sign a contact?
  • How to work with the personality that only wants to see and hear the numbers.
  • How to generate 50% of your referrals each year from one specific behavior pattern.
  • What engineers and accountants want from their real estate agent.
  • How to improve relations in every aspect of your life.
  • Which tools and systems does each behavior pattern want?
Judy LaDeur has studied Behavior Styles for over 35 years. She attributes her success in sales to understanding HOW others make their decisions.  We are in a people business and this is an important aspect of your success. It is a fun and entertaining session that will change the way you look at everyone. Not only in your business life, but your personal life as well.

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Location Details:

Big Spring Country Club
5901 Dutchmans Pkwy
Louisville ,  Kentucky  40205