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Winter 2018

Winter 2018

Dear Members, Strategic Partners and Guests of Women's Council of Realtors;

 Wow, the end of my Presidency. Can it be that one full year went by in a blink of an eye?

It was just yesterday or it seems that I took office with such ambition to move Women's Council of Realtors forward and upward.

We scheduled our year in the summer of 2017, along with Past Presidents who once served our "Great" organization, so to better serve our membership and strategic partners in a effort to unite, stimulate and strengthen our mission. We gave 7 general meetings, 4 lunch and learns and 2 networking events to you as means of delivering on the theme of uniting same. The strategic partners also saw a change in the opening format of meetings from years prior. We hope going forward in 2019, we will continue to refer them and build on the partnerships we helped to form.

I leave you with this story. I began my journey or leadership in Women's Council of Realtors as a spectator listening to motivational speakers present for us. I knew I wanted to remain here to become a speaker and rose to the office of President. I became the 1st male President at a time where society has highlighted respect and equality for all women, ie: the "me too" movement.

I have learned to find my voice amongst my predecessors. I have learned to stand tall despite being heavily criticized for taking on the role of leadership. Remember, this is our organization and it demands voice, character, and leadership. There is no time for failure or setback, ridicule and low self esteem. Leaders "Lead" all the time, with purpose and vigor. I set out to spread my voice amongst members and instead found it, while leading. I wish Tricia Hegarty and her great team much success and growth for 2019 as I become your Governor 1 for the State of NY.


All the Best for  A Great New Year ahead,

Joe Sinnona



Joseph T Sinnona
Long Island President

Here at the Women's Council, we strive to provide timely, accessible programming, great networking and opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

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Officers 2018

President                                      Joe Sinnona
Pres-Elect                                     Patricia Hegarty
VP Membership                             Patricia Stein
Strategic Partner Chair                  Eliot R. Lonardo
Treasurer                                     Jose Henriquez
Secretary                                     Christine Nappa