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2021 Virtual Midyear Meeting

Annual Business Meeting Minutes
Governing Board Minutes  
Finance & Budget Minutes  

Congratulations to your 2022 National Leadership Team

Sylvia Seabolt, PMN - 2022 President
Chris Pelkola Lee, PMN - 2022 President-Elect
Kerri Hartnett, PMN - 2022 First Vice President
Tammy Noll, PMN - 2022 Treasurer


Congratulations to your 2022 National Liaisons
(regions to be determined at a later time)
Sabrina Brown, PMN
Christine Citrano, PMN
Carolyn Altman, PMN

Congratulations to your elected Executive Committee members
Eileen Oldroyd, PMN (Executive Committee)
Tracey Royal (Executive Committee)

Congratulations to your elected Nominating Committee members
Kim Sitton, PMN (Nominating Committee)
Carrie Little, PMN (Nominating Committee)
Andrew Bell, PMN (Nominating Committee alternate)
Peggie Pentecost, PMN (Nominating Committee alternate)


Thank you to our Premium Industry Strategic Partners 


2020 Wealth, Health, Self Power Week & National Conference

Finance & Budget Agenda Governing Board Agenda Governing Board Minutes

Candidate Slate for 2022   2021 Proposed Budget     3rd Quarter Report      
 2020 Women's Council Accomplishments

Regional Caucus - CENTRAL (Agenda)  Regional Caucus – CENTRAL (May Minutes)

Regional Caucus - EAST (Agenda)  Regional Caucus - EAST (May Minutes)  
Florida Report

Regional Caucus - WEST (Agenda)  Regional Caucus - WEST (May Minutes)

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2020 Network 360 Virtual Leadership Conference

Leadershift: How to Ensure a Smooth Transition 

Governance Module

2021 Local Network Affiliation Agreement  2021 State Network Affiliation Agreement  Brand Assets  Branding Guide  Breakout Handout

Meetings & Events Module - Each item will automatically download

Wow! Event Planning Marketing Guide  Wow! Event Planning Guide  Wow! Event Virtual Planning Guide

Membership Module

C2N Operating Module  First Year Communications  Exchange of Value  Leadership Track  Membership Application

State Presidents, National Liaisons, State Liaisons Module
State Event Planning Guide (to be used for breakout session)