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2022 Midyear Meeting

Congratulations to the 2023 National Leadership Team

Chris Pelkola Lee, PMN - Automatically succeeds to the office of President
Kerri Hartnett, PMN - President-Elect
Tammy Noll-Adams, PMN - First Vice President
Cheryl Keller, PMN - Treasurer

Congratulations to your 2023 National Liaisons

(regions to be determined at a later time)

Rosanna Garcia, PMN (CA)
Regina Scott, PMN (VA)
Kim Sitton, PMN (ID)

Congratulations to the newly elected Executive Committee members

Sheila Moran, PMN (TX)
Dr. Danette O’Neal, PMN (LA)

Congratulations to the newly elected Candidate Credentialing & Campaign Rules Committee members:

Shawna Huisman, PMN (AZ)
Lisa Waldeck, PMN (NV)
Chris Wretschko Dean, PMN (MI) (Alternate)
Patti St. Louis, PMN (TX) (Alternate)

Photo Gallery: Networking Mixer & PMN Reception


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2021 National Conference 

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Local Network Model: Streamline the Way You Run Your Network

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2022 National Leadership Team

Sylvia Seabolt, PMN, President
Chris Lee, PMN, President-Elect
Kerri Hartnett, PMN, First Vice President
Tammy Noll, PMN, Treasurer

2022 National Liaisons

Carolyn Altman, PMN, Eastern Region
Christine Citrano, PMN, Western Region
Sabrina Brown, PMN, Central Region

2022 Executive Committee

2023 Candidate slate:

  • President-Elect - Kerri Hartnett, PMN (OR)
  • First Vice President - Tammy Noll, PMN (GA)
  • Treasurer - Cheryl Keller, PMN (CA)

    National Liaisons (in reverse alphabetical order by last name)
  • Kim Sitton (ID)
  • Regina Scott (VA)
  • Rosanna Garcia (CA)

Photo Gallery: Women's Council LIVE   Photo Gallery: Inaugural Gala

Recorded Session: Breaking Barriers

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2021 Network 360° Leadership Conference

Local Network Annual Assessment of Progress 
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