Discounts! Time Savings! The PMN STRETCH is Extended!


Welcome from the Idaho State Network!

This upcoming year our members should know that the State Network is here to help assist the Local Networks and Local Network members in every way.  We look forward to this upcoming year and supporting our Local Networks. 

New this year will be the communications.  We have a Communication Chair, Dianna Haug, from the North Idaho Network that will be doing our social media posts.  We are very excited to have her on board!  Also, your monthly communications will look different than in the past.  You will receive a normal e-newsletter as well as video newsletters.  So get excited for those coming up!

Upcoming, we have some awesome events planned....Coming in the first quarter, we have a DISC and Hiring Your Team event on 3/10/2022.  This will be a hybrid event and I personally am very excited as the speakers are phenomenol!

Also, if you are looking to get your PMN, get excited!  Tami Sims and Kim Sitton are offering a PMN class.  Reach out to them so they can bring it to your Network!

Also this year, we will continue with the Network Certifications.  Last year 3 out of our 4 Networks acheived this awesome award and this year I am hopeful that 4 out of 4 will acheive the Network Certification.  I have added a jot form for your leadership to fill out to assist in the final certification.  Hopefully, this will make their jobs even easier!

Please know that both the State Boards and I am here to help assist the Local Networks to empower, educate and inspire the local membership and to help them grow.  Please count on us to be of any assistance!


Sarah Libengood

Meet the Leadership Team