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Hello and Happy 2024!


What a great year this will be! As our mission statement says, "We are a network of successful REALTORS®, advancing women as business leaders in the industry and in the communities we serve." As a returning President, I can strongly attest to the relationships and support that only can come through being a member of Women's Council of Realtors. It's not just lip service, it's sincere service. Women's Council of Realtors Southwest Missouri is committed to building those relationships and empowering our members to be strong leaders. Education, Opportunities, and Networking are key to making this happen and we have an exciting year planned that includes each of those. Follow us on social media, join us for events and meetings. And even better, become a member if you haven't already. 


We hope to see you soon!




Nancy Caughlan Evans, REALTOR®
Women's Council of Realtors 2024 President
C: 417-849-0670
Lic. #1999079977


Women's Council Culture Statement

Leadership. We believe that every organization, industry and​ community needs authentic leaders who can inspire others to effect​ positive change.

Influence. We believe that positive change comes from greater​ inclusion of women’s perspectives in positions of influence in the real​ estate industry and in the broader community.

Inclusion. We believe that better decisions result when all voices are​ heard and when the full diversity of our membership is embraced.

Collaboration. We believe that success today is achieved through​ productive collaboration in a safe environment in which members​ support each other, work together and grow together.

Professional Credibility. We believe that members of Women’s​ Council are professionals who operate based on a shared system of​ values, including integrity, respect, a commitment to excellence and​ continuous personal and professional development.


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