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Long Island

Welcome to the Women's Council of REALTORS®, Long Island.



**HERE WE ARE 2021! Goodbye 2020, let’s move on! No need to dwell, it made us WARRIORS, STRONGER and RESILIENT!!**

My team’s focus this year is core values and partnership that will enable us to grow our membership. The Women’s Council of Realtors provides personal and business success for both women and men through empowerment and collaboration. Thus, being a part of this organization is limitless.

We also value our Strategic Partners who provide great professional services to our members! This calendar year our Partners are teaching classes to update and educate our members on important topics.

I look forward to a prosperous 2021 filled with growth, joy and partnership! Remember join and get involved! We are opened to experiences, ideas and perspectives. Opportunity awaits!



Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Tucker

**President** The Women's Council of Realtors, Long Island Network


I will conclude with this poem!


Reese Leyva-Poet

Words on Womanhood

Remember, Woman, you were born
life giver, miracle creator, magic maker.

You were born with the heart of a thousand mothers,
open and fearless and sweet.
You were born with the fire of Queens & conquerors,
warrioress blood you bleed.
You were born with the wisdom of sages & shamans,
no wound can you not heal.
You were born the teller of your own tale,
before none should you kneel.
You were born with an immeasurable soul
reaching out past infinity.
You were born to desire with passion, abandon,
and to name your own destiny.

Remember, Woman, remember
you are more than you can see.
Remember, Woman, remember
you are loved endlessly.

Remember, Woman, your power and grace,
the depth of your deep sea heart.
Never forget you are Woman, divine,
as you have been from the start.


Here at the Women's Council, we strive to provide timely, accessible programming,

great networking, and opportunities for your personal and professional growth. 


Welcome to the Women's Council Long Island Network!


Officers 2021

President: Elizabeth Tucker

President-Elect: Christine Nappa

Secretary: J.D. Pulice

Treasurer: Angelica Crotty

Membership Director: Claire Lewis

Program Director: Kimberly Holland