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Welcome to the Woman's Council of Realtors Long Island,


As we are coming to the unofficial close of the Summer of 2019, we can be grateful for a few things. Our homes are safe from storms which are raging in the South as well as our families living here are in a place which is beautiful and sought after worldwide.

And while we are still in Hurricane season and the Bahamas are enduring a brutal Storm named Dorian, we are always looking how the outside world can definitely affect us even though indirectly it may not seem so?

What I mean is simple. We are all connected in one way or another and we are always looking for ways to stay connected to each other whether it be through social media or videos about our businesses and our personal lives.

Please keep in mind, that even though at the time this message is being written, it is unclear how devastated those islands may be in the Bahamas; we can always learn a lesson about those who are learning to live with the impending horrible changes about to come and how they will continue to move forward.

As Realtors, we are part of the dream of fulfilling a lifelong wish of home ownership. Although a storm or hurricane may be a reason for some to purchase or sell, let's always remember how important our work is with creating a page in the book of our client’s lives....

Please stay in touch with previous clients and always be grateful you had them to begin with..

Thank you




Patricia S Hegarty
Long Island President

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Welcome to the Women's Council Long Island Network!

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