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“Great leaders are not the best at everything.  They find people who are best at different things and get them all on the same TEAM.”
-Eileen Bistrisky

I am excited to be your 2022 President and even more excited to be working with a great Leadership Team! If you haven’t met Kim Fox, Elizabeth Cooper, Drew Huggins, Anne Goss and Melinda Reid, please make a point to chat with them sometime soon and you will see the quality leadership we have in Women’s Council of Realtors Dayton.  If you and I have not yet met definitely introduce yourself to me as soon as possible; I want to get to know each one of you and see how we can help each other.

Our leadership team is focused on building our network this year, rebuilding membership after the pandemic and creating energy around our members, affiliates and strategic partners. We are committed to building programs to support the communities where we do business for the long term. We are also committed to build a fund that is restricted to be used for Leadership Education.  We are open to ideas that you may have so please give us your suggestions toward these goals.

Also consider getting involved at whatever level you are comfortable with, it takes many people to make the network and our events run smoothly.

I look forward to a great year full of networking, building, growing, friendships and FUN!

Thank you for being a part of our Women’s Council of Realtors Dayton network!


Michael Martin
2022 Dayton Network President

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