Welcome to 2023~ a much anticipated year. The year of recovery for many, a year of hope for some and a year of take off for Women’s Council.  We rocked and rolled through 2022 still trying to find our way through a worldwide pandemic, while still staying relevant to our membership. We experienced a lot of twists and turns in 2022, all of which were unavoidable.   What a difference a year makes because in 2022, we have come to the realization that Covid-19 is here to stay and so are we.  Therefore, we will have planned a year full of creative events to suite the needs of our growing membership.

I’m your 2023 President and I’m looking forward to leading and serving our elite membership this year. Instead of cancelling events, I hope to create ways~ beyond the zoom platform  to keep our membership informed, engaged and most importantly safe.  Thank you for allowing me to serve in this prestigious role and I promise not to let you down.

We will give back to A way out ministries, the first ministry in the US that take action against sex tracking, exploitation and pornography.   We will provide meals and specific needs to the women in need including toiletries.  We will have approved CE opportunities in which every women’s council member will receive some free Credit hours, that’s right free. This is one of the Benefits of having women council membership. We are going to provide members opportunities to sharpen their skill. 

We Come Together, Learn Together, work together, Grow Together, Play Together, and Give Together

Make every connection matter in 2023.



Women's Council~ 2023 President


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